Negligent Discharge Wounds Four

Glock 17

The object in this poorly-focused photo taken seconds ago by an under-caffinated editor is a holster.

A holster that protects the trigger is imperative for concealed carry.

In specific, this is a hybrid IWB holster from Alien Gear, and is designed to be used for concealed carry. You’ll note that the trigger area is fully enclosed within a rigid polymer shell, which helps protect the world from idiotic incidents like this:

According to the police department, the incident at 1201 Gulf Blvd. unfolded as a man with a concealed weapons permit reached into his pocket to grab something. A 9mm Glock also in the man’s pocket accidentally discharged, police said in an email to media.

The bullet grazed the man’s leg and then hit a floor tile. “Fragments from the tile then hit four other victims,” the email stated.

The man, who police say is from Ormond Beach, was taken to Morton Plant Hospital with minor injuries and so was one of the victims. The other three, including a man and two children, ages 2 and 5, were treated at a local emergency clinic. The victims include a hotel employee and the man and children, who are from Leaf River, Ill.

It isn’t yet known if the gentleman who shot himself and wounded the other three victims didn’t have a holster at all (“naked carry”), or if he had a substandard holster that didn’t adequately protect the trigger. In any event, he managed to pull the trigger on the firearm, and the rest is history. I’m simply glad that no one was more severely hurt in this incident, as this sort of  naked carry can get you killed.


* * *

When you decide to exercise your right to own a firearm, you have a moral responsibility to exercise that right intelligently. You should learn the strengths, weaknesses, and idiosyncrasies of your firearms, receive professional training, and in the case of handguns, get appropriate carry gear (holster, gun belt, ammunition pouches, etc).

Be smart out there.

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