Is TrackingPoint Dead?

TrackingPoint, the technology incubator which made “precision-guided” bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles which aids first time shooters in making long-range shots well beyond their skill level, is apparently having financial difficulties, as a banner on their web site makes clear.


The banner reads:

Due to financial difficulty TrackingPoint will no longer be accepting orders.
Thank you to our customers and loyal followers for sharing in our vision.

This is both something of a shock and a shame.

I was admittedly uneasy of the ethics of using TrackingPoint in a long-range hunting context—as advanced as the system was, it could not handle the most difficult part of long-range shooting, which is making wind calls. A rich “noob” with a TrackingPoint still had no business making long-range shots in anything other than a dead calm.

That said, I’d always been sold on the idea of TrackingPoint as a military technology in terms of as surveillance/scouting and also in a DMR role, and I was hoping that the technology would become “ruggedized” and viable for military use.

Hopefully TrackingPoint will find some financial stability and will get back on solid ground. They have some very interesting ideas, and we need this sort of innovation in the industry.

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