Bloomberg Debuts New Gun Control Propaganda Site, The Trace

Sad Bloomberg didn't get his censorship wish.

Not willing to accept the continuing failure of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Moms Demand Action, and Everytown to stem the tide of gun rights laws expanding across most of the nation, Michael Bloomberg has announced the launch of yet another gun control initiative, a Think Progress/Media Matters inspired propaganda site called “The Trace.”


The launch of another news site by Bloomberg, the former New York mayor, head of the Bloomberg news operation, and funder of several anti-gun sites including Mayors Against Illegal Guns, comes as President Obama and Democrats are trying to revive their gun control agenda. Last week, legislation was proposed, for example, to require a police-issued license prior to buying a handgun.

The Trace is headed by former New Republic story editor James Burnett. He didn’t respond to an email question about the project, one sign of the secrecy around it. His Twitter account describes him as “editorial director, a site to be named later.” But his Twitter handle gives it away: “TraceBurnett.”

And a reporter working a story for the website described herself as “a freelance writer for The Trace, a soon-to-be-launched online news magazine about guns and gun rights.”

In the only story about The Trace, New York’s “Capital” said the site will be the editorial arm of Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety. The group draws attention to gun violence, builds protests against organizations and companies that don’t ban guns in stores, and promotes background checks.

I can’t help but laugh at Bloomberg’s hires, which once again seem to be based upon ideology, instead of competence.


In hiring Burnett, Bloomberg has latched on to an editor from a failing left-wing magazine with with no credible knowledge of firearms.

His sole reporter, Jennifer Mascia, is the daughter of a low-level mobster who edited an ineffectual and short-lived anti-gun project for the New York Times.

One has to wonder if the clueless Bloomberg is aware that “the trace” is also a term describing the visible trail of the bullet created by the shockwave of the bullet passing through the air, causing water vapor to momentarily condense. Skilled shooters and spotters use the trace as a tool to help put rounds on target.

We’re fairly certain that the clueless Bloomberg minions are going to continue their past mistakes and miss the mark… yet again.

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