Washington Navy Yard Under Lockdown, No Active Shooter Confirmed

We’re seeing the same early reports from media outlets noting a massive police presence at the Washington Navy Yard in Building 197, the “gun free zone” that was the site of a deadly 2013 mass shooting.


An hour after the initial alarm, we can state the following:

  • The Washington Navy Yard is in lockdown
  • There are no confirmed casualties
  • There are no reports of shots fired by anyone inside Building 197
  • There have been no confirmed sightings of anyone with a firearm, other than responding ERT units
  • SWAT/ERT has reportedly cleared floors 1-5 and continues to work their way up the building floor-by-floor, evacuating employees

This is beginning to look like a false alarm.

We’ll update this story as confirmed information comes out, or you can follow me in real-time on Twitter.

The lockdown is over after the building was cleared and all staff were accounted for by authorities. The incident at the Navy Yard was a false alarm, spurred by an individual employee who called 911 because of a loud noise.

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