As Thug Culture Continues To Take Lives, The "Gun Violence" Myth Persists

A 12-year-old has been arrested in Minnesota for the murder of a 31-year-old alleged drug dealer in Nebraska.

A 12-year-old Nebraska boy who was wanted for murder has been captured in Minnesota, police say.

U.S. Marshals arrested Jarrell Milton yesterday in Minneapolis in connection with a drug-related shooting last month in Omaha.

Police say that Jarrell Milton, his 17-year-old brother Jamar Milton, and 15-year-old Shuntayvious Primes-Willis had intended to rob two men who they lured to Miller Park under the pretense of conducting a marijuana deal. They say gunfire erupted shortly thereafter. Jamymell Ray, 31, was killed, and 30-year-old Charles Fisher was wounded in the shooting.


The alleged murderer and his fellow co-conspirators are all part of the nation’s violent “thug culture” rooted in the cultural celebration of gangs and drugs and violence poisoning some parts of society.

In Milwaukee, a 14-year-old was laid to rest as a 15-year-old was charged with his murder. The alleged killer murdered the victim “over a girl,” amid a group of other thug culture teens in a self-styled gang.

Hours later, a 13-year-old was murdered, allegedly by another 13-year-old.

The Democrat mayor, of course, blames guns for these crimes, not the violent nature of thug culture itself.

A 13-year-old boy was shot to death and a 15-year-old boy was charged in the shooting death of another teen Wednesday, the same day — in what felt like another world — 2,000 children attended the annual Safe Summer Brewers Game in Milwaukee.

“Teenagers and guns is a recipe for disaster,” said Mayor Tom Barrett, who hosted the event at Miller Park.

The 13-year-old was killed about 12:30 a.m., mere hours after a vigil for Tariq Akbar, a 14-year-old boy killed Friday night on the east side shortly after the city’s July 3 lakefront fireworks show.

“I was at the vigil. Hundreds of people were there,” Barrett said. He hadn’t been home long before a text sent by police informed him of the 13-year-old’s shooting, he said.

“I’m thinking, how excessive,” Barrett said. “How crazy it is for teenagers to have guns.”

Sadly, these criminals are given tacit approval by the pro-criminal communist front groups masquerading as as civil rights activists, proclaiming that “black lives matter” (even though they clearly don’t believe it).


We do not have a “gun violence” problem in the United States.

We have at least 300+ million firearms in circulation, and add roughly a million more every month. If guns were violent, the population of the United States would have been wiped out entirely long ago.

“Gun violence” is a myth.

What we have is a thug violence problem that accounts for roughly half the homicides in the United States, and yet no one is willing to address it. Indeed, President Obama tacitly supports this thug culture against law and order and basic civility itself, siding with drug abusers and attempted cop-killers, sending Administration officials to their funerals, treating them as martyrs instead of the violent members of thug culture that they were.

Radical left-wing Democrats need the gun violence myth.

The gun violence myth is a convenient scapegoat that allows them to blame an inanimate object, and avoid the failures of the mistakes they’ve made in attempting to influence culture with policy over the past century.

Radical left-wing Democrats like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their supporters, need to blame gun violence to avoid the consequences of the failed, hyper-violent subculture that is the predictable result of their failed social engineering.

These Democrats need to blame gun violence to avoid admitting that their policies encouraging the migration of criminal aliens attracts a new underclass that brings with it the most violent of central American criminal cartels.


Democrats don’t want to face these real problems. They don’t want to admit their mistakes, and they certainly don’t want to face the responsibility of cleaning up the mess they’ve created, supported, and encouraged.

Instead, they attempt to use their mistakes to attack your natural right to armed self-defense.

It’s time we shine the spotlight on the thug culture that is the real root of so many homicides and attempted homicides in the United States. When we address this thug culture problem aggressively, you’re see a tremendous drop in violent crime.

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