Bloomberg Group Lies About Charleston Church Shooting To Push Gun Control Scheme

It takes a special kind of ghoul to shamelessly stand on the bodies of the dead to lie in service of a political agency, but billionaire totalitarian Michael Bloomberg is just that kind of ghoul:

Everytown for Gun Safety is pushing for legislation that would close a loophole supported by the National Rifle Association that allows people with incomplete background checks to purchase guns after three business days.

A similar bill, authored by Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.), aims to stop retailers from selling guns to people with incomplete background checks, as was the case when alleged Charleston shooter Dylann Roof purchased his firearm.

The prospects of a bill getting through the GOP-controlled Congress appear bleak.

The prospects are bleak for the legislation because the “loophole” is a media myth, on numerous levels.

As we noted in our initial report yesterday, the NICS background check system didn’t fail. Based upon what the FBI director has made public, there were two failure points.

Multiple Data Entry Failures

At  the local level, for reasons that still remain unclear, the wrong arresting agency was listed for the suspect’s drug charge.

This  data entry was compounded when because the list of law enforcement agencies in South Carolina used by NICS in their investigations was incorrect due to another data entry error.

ATF Retrieval Failure

When I worked retail in a gun shop, we once had a customer who was delayed, and who later returned to pick up his firearm after the three-day deplay period had expired. NICS determined the following day that he should have been considered a prohibited person, and sent ATF agents to our store to pull his form 4473, and then went to retrieve the firearm within 48 hours.

In this instance in south Carolina, the suspect waited five days—nearly doubling the amount of time investigators had to investigate his history—before picking up the handgun, on April 16, 2015.

62 days after picking up his firearm, and 67 days after submitting his information to the FBI NICS, the killer carried out his attack.

Where was the breakdown between NICS and the ATF that allowed more than two months to pass without the killer being targeted for a gun retrieval?

There is nothing wrong with the existing implementation of the NICS system.

What we had here is a all-too-human data entry error that seems to have originated in South Carolina law enforcement, and an even more worrying failure of communication between NICS and the ATF.

So why are Bloomberg’s attack dogs lying about about the horrific events in Charleston?

The three day limit was put in place to ensure that duplicitous anti-liberty political administrations could not game the system in order to create de facto gun sales bans. If the NICS Operation Center did not have a statutory time limit to investigate delays, an anti-gun Executive Branch could slow the system down or even close it entirely by reallocating or minimizing NICS staff so that approvals slowed to a crawl. Instead of approvals taking just three days, we could see them taking nine months or more as they sometimes have on Title II (NFA) firearms… if at all.

The “Charleston loophole” is an attempt to create a problem where one didn’t exist, then exploit that imaginary problem to reduce lawful gun sales for law-abiding citizens in the future, without any impediment at all to those sick and twisted individuals who want to hurt other human beings.

Bloomberg and him band of serially-dishonest spin merchants at Moms Demand Action, Everytown, and the Trace may excite their tiny base of fact-starved fans, but they’ll continue to politically alienate themselves from Democrats, Independents,  and Republicans alike with their bitter dishonesty.