Radical Gun Gun Control Group Urges "SWATting" Gun Owners, Abuse Of 911 System

There are variously levels of zealotry within the gun control movement, but the national group that is the most extreme and intent on causing physical harm to those who disagree with them is the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, or CSGV.


The CSGV holds the view that all handguns and “assault weapons” should be banned, that gun ownership should require licensing and registration.

That in and of itself isn’t that radical of an idea (when comparing CSGV to other gun control groups), but CSGV goes a dangerous step further, with a mission statement that labels those opposed to their ideas as insurrectionists, and treats gun owners as enemy combatants instead of fellow citizens.

This core view of gun owners as enemy force to be vanquished is perhaps why they are disturbingly comfortable with the idea of putting the lives of gun owners—and anyone around them—at risk.

That willingness to use government force against lawful gun owners was on full display yesterday as CSGV used their Facebook page to encourage a practice called”SWATting, which has led to numerous injuries and deaths.

You’ll note that CSGV does say to call the police on people brandishing firearms, or armed people exhibiting signs of aggression. The are not asking their followers to call 911 over armed people behaving erratically. The are instead asking their followers to call 911 and demand that they send police to interdict and harass gun owners who are not suspected of breaking the law.


Further, you’ll note that when one of their followers carried out their suggestion, and the police don’t treat a lawful gun owner as a threat, CSGV encourages their followers to continue abusing the 911 system.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is wedded to the belief that government should wield absolute power, and that that power should be used against the citizenry.

Make of that what you will.

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