Los Angeles' New Gun Magazine Law Makes Streets Safer... For Criminals

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti gave his signature to a measure backed by City Councilman Paul Krekorian that ensures violent criminals will outgun law-abiding citizens

Violent criminals have another reason to cheer in Los Angeles as Mayor Eric Garcetti signed a bill ensuring that criminals will be better armed than law-abiding citizens:

In 60 days, there will be no such thing as a legally grandfathered civilian-owned magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds in Los Angeles.

Mayor Eric Garcetti signed the citywide ordinance Friday prohibiting the ownership of what the state deems large-capacity detachable firearm magazines. The controversial measure was introduced by City Councilman Paul Krekorian and passed the council by unanimous vote on July 28.

Krekorian, along with gun control advocates, joined Garcetti at City Hall for the signing ceremony.

“I am committed to reducing the gun violence in our city,” Garcetti said. “This ban is part of that larger effort. It will help keep our streets safer and help prevent the magnitude of mass shootings. We are sending a clear message – we will not wait for Washington to act, we are ready to act now.”

As a direct result of the city’s ordinance, Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings, and MS-13 gang members immediately drove to various LAPD stations and turned in all of their standard capacity magazines along with all of their stolen guns, illegal drugs, and promised to take up more community-enriching pursuits, such as urban gardening, graffiti removal, and after-school mentoring programs.

Judging by the dumb looks of triumph on the faces of Mayor Garcetti, Councilman Krekorian, and others in attendance, you’d think that is precisely what this ex post facto bill outlawing already owned standard-capacity magazine accomplishes.


Of course, it doesn’t do anything of the sort.

This legislation will turn law-abiding standard-capacity magazine owners into criminals for simply owning the magazines their firearms were specifically designed to fire from the factory, while being completely ignored by criminals already involved in drug trafficking and violent crime.

This legislation is part of a legislative anaconda strategy by gun control activists to incrementally reduce the kind of firearms, capacity of magazines, and type of ammunition that an American citizen can possess lawfully. These control cultists would prefer to ban all firearms and ammunition outright (except for their bodyguards and government officers under their control, of course), but are content to use ever-tightening restrictions.

The National Rifle Association has pledged to fight the ordinance in court, but they may face an uphill battle due to a court system packed with “progressive” judges who have shown time and again that they view the Constitution with contempt.

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