Thug Culture Breaks Out On Anniversary Of Darren Wilson's Self-Defense In Ferguson

Police take cover after gunfire near a protest in Ferguson, Mo., Sunday, Aug. 9, 2015.

Police officers providing protection for “Black Lives Matter” protesters on the anniversary of former Ferguson officer Darren Wilson’s self-defense shooting of drug-abusing strong-arm robbery suspect Michael Brown were fired upon last night by one of the protesters they were attempting to protect.


Police shot a man who fired on them in Ferguson, Missouri, late Sunday evening, the St. Louis County Police Department said, following the one-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown.

In an early Monday morning press conference, St. Louis County Police Department Chief Jon Belmar explained that two groups exchanged gunfire on the west side of W. Florissant near the Sam’s Market in Ferguson, amid a protest marking Brown’s death.

A male from one of those groups left, walked across the street, and stopped on the shoulder. Four plainclothes officers in an SUV saw that person, and pulled their vehicle out. The suspect opened fire on the car, hitting the grill and windshield.

The detectives got out of their vehicle when the suspect turned and fired at them, prompting the detectives to shoot back, police said. The detectives chased the suspect on foot. When the suspect reengaged the detectives, they shot the suspect multiple times.

The unidentified suspect has been described as approximately 20 years old and in critical condition. Meanwhile, the officers were placed on administrative leave.

A stolen firearm was recovered from the scene, according to authorities.

Gunfire damage to the police vehicle was evident.


It was one year ago yesterday that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson attempted to talk to Michael Brown, after Brown matched the description of a strong-arm robbery suspect at a local convenience store. Brown then attacked Wilson in Wilson’s vehicle, and attempted to take control of the officer’s gun. Wilson shot Brown in the hand as Brown attempted to murder the officer with his own weapon. Brown then began to flee.

Blood evidence from that wound and eyewitness testimony from multiple witnesses showed what happened next.

Brown began to flee on foot after viciously attacking officer Wilson, but stopped and turned after Wilson exited his vehicle and ordered him to surrender. Instead of surrendering, the NFL lineman-sized Brown—who was under the influence of marijuana—began charging Wilson  in what appeared to have been a second attempt to overpower Wilson and take his gun. Wilson opened fire on the charging Brown, and didn’t stop him until the final shot struck Brown in the top of his head as Brown dropped his head in an attempt to tackle Wilson.


Brown died immediately from that final shot, fired from less than ten feet away.

Brown’s co-conspirator then fabricated a false narrative that Brown’s hand were up and that he was attempting to surrender, and the “Black Lives Matter” protest movement was built around this lie.

Officer Wilson was exonerated by both state and federal investigations, but still felt compelled to resign for lawfully defending his life due to threats made against his life from a “Black Lives Matter” movement that became more “pro-criminal” and shamefully racist than “pro-equality.”

Two law enforcement officers were shot and wounded during another “Black Lives Matter” protest in March.

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