Uniformed Officer Booted From Chuck E Cheese Over Duty Handgun

A uniformed Bowling Green Police Officer was booted from a local Chuck E Cheese franchise because the employees are, well, ignorant.

In Kentucky, state law allowed businesses to post “No Firearms” signs on their doors and windows, but when the Bowling Green location of Chuck E. Cheese’s would’t allow a police officer to carry her firearm in their store, people were outraged.

“I was upset, I was shocked for that officer and also for all the patrons there because you know if you have an obvious police officer and they’re wearing police clothing, then I don’t understand what the problem would be having someone like that with the training and experience of a police officer into an establishment,” said Edmonson County Sheriff Shane Doyle.

But Chuck E. Cheese’s national headquarters said the entire situation was a misunderstanding.

“Our firearms policy does not apply to officers in uniform. We do have a firearms policy for civilians and off duty non-uniformed officers, but officers in uniform are always welcome to bring in their firearms,” said Chuck E. Cheese’s headquarters Public Relations Chair Alexis Lynn.


The comments to the article seem split between being outraged that the store’s on-duty staff and manager were ignorant of both state law and the chain’s own policies, and regular folks who are outraged that the chain bans citizens from providing for their own self-defense.

Chuck E Cheese locations have been the scene of everything from attempted assassinations to assaults to a mass murder, attempted rapes, and massive brawls.

Clearly, the chain’s policy of denying citizens the right to self-defense inside their establishments isn’t working.

Maybe the late comedian Tim Wilson got it right?

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