Should You Be Ready To Take On An AK-Wielding Killer?

An article at PRI (Public Radio International) looked at the recent terrorist attack thwarted by Americans on a Amsterdam to Paris train and asked what we felt was a stupid question: “Should you be ready to go against AK-47-wielding attackers?


Well, duh.

I’m not sure what rock PRI contributor Shirin Jaafari has been residing under for more than a decade, but the possibility of a “lone wolf” Islamic terrorist attack has proven to be a near-term threat across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. Domestic terrorism and organized violent crime is also a proven threat in many countries.

Domestically, there are roughly 800,000 law enforcement officers in the United States, out of 312+ million citizens in a vast country. The odds of a law enforcement officer being at or near the scene of a mass attack is exceptionally low unless the terrorist is attempting to attack a guarded public building.

I strongly believe that the a well-trained and well-armed citizenry is the best deterrent and sometimes the only nearby deterrent to such threats.

The men who were able to take down the Moroccan ISIS-aligned terrorist on a Paris-bound high-speed train were incredibly fortunate that the gun malfunctioned, and that the poorly-trained terrorist was unable clear the malfunction when the gun went click instead of bang.

We might not be lucky the next time a terrorist with nine 30-round magazine attempts a shooting rampage, and brave men rushing such an attacker might become the first fatalities.


I’ve been a proponent of a form of every day carry (EDC) involving high-capacity pistols and spare magazines for some time now, and know many other citizens having similar thoughts. Some are going so far as to create what they call “ISIS welcome kits” that they carry in their cars or trucks that consist of rifles, trauma kits and body armor… just in case.

What will you be able to do if a would be mass killer suddenly pulls out a weapon near you?

I hope you manage to come up with a better plan than the Obama-administration “expert” interviewed by PRI, who seems to think running away and leaving others to die is the correct response.

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