Fresno State Student's iPhone Stops Bullet Just Outside "Gun Free Zone"

Gun control supporters in California are constantly promoting and passing laws that only serve to disarm law-abiding citizens. One of those law-abiding citizens was recently mugged and shot, putting an entire campus on edge.


A Fresno State student was saved by his iPhone during an armed robbery. It stopped a bullet but the shooting has raised questions of security.

Students are feeling uneasy at the Campus Edge Apartments. On Monday, late at night, the gates were open. A criminal slipped in with a gun and followed a student home.

Faris Alotaibi, the victim’s roommate said, “He took a gun, after he took the backpack of my roommate, and he shot him in the leg but my roommate is very lucky.”

The victim’s iPhone stopped the bullet and the thief took off with his laptop.

“I looked at his jeans and it was torn open,” Alotaibi said, “He showed me the phone, the bullet was very clear, destroyed it and broke it into pieces.”

The criminal felt safe attacking a college student, because he knew that law-abiding students are disarmed by California’s absurdly restrictive gun control laws which deny students to ability to carry concealed handguns on campus.

The student was incredibly lucky.

Small personal electronics like music players and cell phones are nowhere near “bulletproof,” and typically don’t even appreciably slow bullets that strike them. If the bullet had been a few inches to the inside of the student’s leg, it would have missed the phone entirely, but might have struck the student’s femoral artery, turning a mugging into a murder.


The victimized student—who has not been named—left his apartment, left the university with the intention of dropping all his classes, and stated his intention to never step foot in Fresno ever again.

It’s not a bad idea, but he may want to consider leaving the entire state.

California has all but put up a sign saying, “Welcome, criminals! Our citizens are ready to be your unarmed victims.”


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