Gun-Hating Hollywood Bids High To Make Film No One Will Watch

Jessica Chastain will presumably study under some of the best sociopaths and pathological liars in the world to learn how to play a convincing gun control supporter. 

Hollywood’s obsession with ramming their immorality down our throats never seems to end.

EuropaCorp has acquired worldwide rights to “Miss Sloane,” Variety has learned.

The gun control drama was one of the hot packages going into this year’s Toronto International Film Festival and the auction for the picture was highly competitive. The film stars Jessica Chastain and is directed by John Madden of “Shakespeare in Love” fame. Production is slated to take place in 2016.

FilmNation put the project together. It will partner with EuropaCorp on the film and produce the picture.

“Miss Sloane” is the second notable sale of Toronto, after Paramount acquire the Meryl Streep biopic “Florence Foster Jenkins” earlier on Saturday. The market, which is now in its third day, has gotten off to a sluggish start, as buyers seem to be wary of the feverish bidding at Sundance last winter that led to a string of underperforming titles at the summer box office.

First-time screenwriter Jonathan Perera wrote “Miss Sloane,” which centers on a lobbyist’s efforts to push through tighter federal laws regulating guns. In the wake of the mass shootings in places like Newton, Conn. and the live television murder of two Virginia-based television reporters, the issue of gun violence is being hotly debated, making the project a hot-button one.

What’s particularly amusing about this film from our perspective as supporters of the Second Amendment is just how myopic this film really is; pushing for more gun control is a huge deal in left-wing, progressive coastal enclaves and a few redoubts of insanity sprinkled throughout the rest of the country, but it’s a dying issue everywhere else.

Firearms ownership is at an all-time high in both terms of total number of guns owned by private citizens and the number of gun owners. The fastest-growing demographics are young, urban, and female shooters. Shooting sports (primarily shotgun sports) are the fastest growing sports in many Midwestern and western school districts. The current overall focus on gun laws in the United States is removing those laws that impede upon the rights of citizens.

This film is going to play to a very small echo chamber as an issue film. It will not doubt win awards from Hollywood’s navel-gazing culture for reinforcing what they already want to hear, but does anyone seriously think this film with have commercial success?