Phoenix Freeway Shooting Suspect Arrested

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey says that the shooter who has terrorized motorists along I-10 in Phoenix has been apprehended.


He was apparently arrested at a Walmart, and has been identified.

On first blush, the evidence seems pretty convincing:

FOX 10 spoke with a source in the DPS command staff who says Merritt Jr. had anti-police and anti-government views, was vocal about his views on social media.

Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio tweeted that DPS located a 9mm handgun that was recently pawned a gun that matched the same as the freeway shootings. The owner and person who pawned it was the same person who is in custody.

Bullets recovered from the first four vehicles were apparently a ballistic match to Merritt’s gun, which he’d bought new.

Authorities have only tied this suspect to four of the eleven shootings so far. It is quite possible that the others were committed by copycats.

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