Democrats Will Lose The White House In 2016 Over Guns. Here's Why.

60s socialists Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are trying to outflank on another to the left on firearms, and have grossly miscalculated their positions.

The Democrat Party is going to lose the 2016 elections in a landslide, and they can thank their radical anti-gun agenda for that loss.

Bernie Sanders has boldly stated that “semi-automatic assault weapons” should be banned, along with standard-capacity magazines. The completely arbitrary definition of “assault weapons” defined by anti-gun politicians is always based upon superficial cosmetic features—flash hiders, barrel shrouds, bayonet lugs, telescoping stocks and/or pistol grips—that have nothing at all to due with the rate of fire, accuracy, or lethality of a given firearm. If he really wants to ban “semi-automatic assault weapons,” he’s going to have to ban all semi-automatic firearms.

What Sanders doesn’t seem to grasp that the vast majority of handguns  and rifles sold in the United States are semi-automatic. The single most common rifle sold in the United States year-after-year is the AR-15, which would be subject to his ban. He’s alienating 100 million potential voters. That’s incredibly dangerous, when 127 million people voted in the 2012 elections.

Likewise, Hillary Clinton is following the shrill voices on the far left wing of the Democrat Party, and has effectively announced that she’s running against the National Rifle Association, which she made clear this morning in a sponsored Facebook post.

Hillary Clinton is running against the NRA in 2016. That’s not a recipe for success, as the NRA wins 90-percent of their elections.

Both Sanders and Clinton have a grossly miscalculated public opinion on firearms, something that Democrats did post-Sandy Hook as well that helped play a role in their crushing losses in the 2014 mid-terms, which even other left wing Democrats are trying to warn them against, to no avail.

Recently Obama again attacked the NRA for no new laws being passed in the wake of shootings where the shooters had no previous red flags and had passed background checks and had used handguns. It’s the NRA’s fault that these tragedies couldn’t be exploited to expand background checks to isolated private sales and an “assault weapons ban” on semiautomatic sporting rifles.

What this ignores is that the NRA doesn’t have that much money. What it has is the support of a very large section of the voters. Many gun owners aren’t members of the NRA. I’m not. Many more members got their membership because it’s packaged free with most new gun sales. But we’re voters who care about much the same things that the NRA cares about.

We’re also not lying about poll numbers. There was a poll that claimed 90% of Americans “support background checks”, so how was it possible that the Manchin-Toomey bill could have failed? Well, 90% of Americans do support some background checks. Probably most background checks. I have no problem with a background check for buying a gun from a dealer or from an FFL. But it’s impossible to have what are called “universal background checks”, the expansion of background checks to private intrastate transfers, without a gun registry. As I’ve pointed out before. And that’s why Manchin-Toomey failed. Gun owners knew about this problem with the bill, and called their Senators and their Representatives. That’s also why support for “background checks” fell so rapidly.

But Obama and other politicians keep pushing the “90%” line, again and again and again. Obama said after Manchin-Toomey failed that “The American people are trying to figure out — how can something that has 90 percent support not happen?” It’s an easy question to answer. He’s wrong. The poll is wrong. There wasn’t 90% support for the bill.

This is backed up by what one of the bill’s supporters said after the bill failed, “When 90 percent of the people want something, and the senator votes against them, the next election, we’re going to take care of those senators, because they’re not representing the people.”

And yet, those Senators weren’t replaced. The vote was in 2013. In the 2014 elections, the Republicans held all of their Senate seats and gained 9 Democrat seats to regain control of the Senate for the first time since the Bush Administration. Clearly 90% of the country had spoken. Those Senators weren’t “taken care of”, because they were representing the voters.

The problem with Sanders, Clinton, and every other Democrat running with the singular exception of Jim Webb is that they all belong to the self-reinforncing Manhattan/D.C./Chicago/Los Angeles echo chamber that ignorantly and imperiously demands that we accept their primitive, tribalistic view that, “Guns are bad.”

Put bluntly, they’re out of touch with reality.

This point was driven home on Saturday Night Live last week when the Manhattan-based comedy troop, led by guest host, Manhattan-born comedian and gun control advocate Amy Schumer, spoofed what Time and other news outlets framed as “America’s obsession with guns.” Featuring a phony television public service announcement, Time reported, “The skit features several seemingly normal everyday events — going for a jog, having a baby, being on a date — illustrating the human desire to seek love, connection, a sense of purpose and — as a narrator punctuates, ‘guns.”

Time continued, “In a searing reminder of the jarring everyday prevalence of guns, the skit goes on to put a firearm in shockingly uncomfortable situations, drawing nervous giggles: in a newborn baby’s hand, substituting for the bottle in the party game Spin the Bottle, at an office.”

Though it was obviously humor, the spoof bears no resemblance to the reality of gun culture. It reflected the cartoonish bias of those disconnected—culturally, geographically, politically—from the millions of Americans who own legal guns.

Here’s the reality that they cannot seem to grasp.

Gun control is popular among the people they want to associate with in their coastal enclaves and tiny islands of blue around the country, but even among their fellow Democrats, gun control is not uniting issue.

2012 Presidential election map. The country shifted even further right in 2014.

We’re always careful to note that firearms ownership has no age, faith, color, religious, or political boundaries. What we do know is that firearms ownership, long strong among rural white males, has been seeing incredible growth among young, urban and female voters… traditional Democrat constituencies. They are also among the most rabid Second amendment supporters on the planet, and most see little or no room to compromise and given up their rights for more gun control laws. Many, in fact, are chomping at the bit to repeal numerous existing gun laws for being ineffective and punitive in design.

Grossly inaccurate perceptions of gun ownership and gun owners by party leaders is going to force many Democrats and independents to cross over and vote for the Republican candidate in 2016, or else convince them to stay home.

Hillary and Bernie are salting the earth beneath their feet, and setting the stage for the republicans not only winning the White House, but extending their power in the House and Senate.

I don’t know who is driving their political calculus, but it appears obvious that they’ve been attempting it with Common Core math.