"ENEMIES." Clinton, O'Malley Attack America's 100+ Million Gun Owners In Debate

Martin O’Malley and Hillary Clinton

Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton and former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley made it very clear what they thought of the 100+ million gun owners in the United States as they attacked the largest civil rights group in the United States in the first Democrat debate last night.


During the debate, the candidates were asked a simple question.

“Which enemy are you most proud of?”

O’Malley, who has taken a radical stance on gun rights, stated simply,  “The National Rifle Association.”

Clinton, who also intends to gut the Bill of Rights,  added, “Well, in addition to the NRA, the health insurance companies, the drug companies…the Iranians…. probably the Republicans.”

The National Rifle Association, with a current membership of more than five million individuals, is the largest and oldest civil rights group in the United States. They focus primarily on firearms education, safety training, and promoting laws that protect the basic human right to armed self-defense.

The group also serves as a proxy for 100 million gun owners in progressive shorthand when Democrats attack the right to bear arms in word and deed.

When watching the debate or listening to the Democrat candidates talk about firearms laws, it has been very clear that when they mentioned “the NRA” or “the National Rifle Association,” they were expressing undisguised contempt for all gun owners, regardless of political leanings.

The top Democrat candidates have all taken radical positions in support of a de facto (and illegal) federal firearms registry with their call for “universal background checks” to track each and every firearms transaction, so that the federal government knows who has every gun.


These candidates also want an explicit ban on those firearms most explicitly suited for contemporary militia use, after labeling them “assault weapons.” They’ve been vague enough in their labeling criteria that they would conceivably ban nearly all semi-automatic (one shot per trigger pull) firearms that take detachable magazines, which accounts for almost all modern pistols and the best-selling rifles in the nation, as well as many popular shotguns.

Rifles of any kind are used to commit criminal homicides less than 290 times a year in a nation of 320 million.

They are not attempting to ban these firearms because they threaten the lives of law-abiding citizens, but explicitly because such arms form the backbone of the “well-regulated” (smoothly-functioning, i.e., well-armed and trained) citizen militia that the Founding Fathers insists we need to keep the federal government in check and act as a counterweight to future tyrants who would use the military against the people.

The Democrats candidates also universally supported a radical position overturning fedeal law to enable victims of violent crimes to sue firearms manufacturers for the misuse of their products in an flagrant attempt to drive manufacturers out of business. Their goal of undermining the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) would allow frivolous lawsuits to cost the firearms and ammunition industries millions in court costs, and is directly analogous to allowing victims of drunk driving wrecks to sue automobile manufacturers.


We have never had such a radical, openly socialist slate of candidates run for the Presidency in the history of the United States, openly and proudly attacking Bill of Rights as a cornerstone of their campaigns.

Be very concerned, my fellow Americans, as they aren’t disguising their intentions any longer.

The Democrat Party considers you their enemy, and they are quite vocally coming for your guns and your freedom.

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