Fear-Mongering CBC News Lies About "Fully Automatic Weapons"

The propagandists in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation who composed this calculated bit of hysteria should be publicly shamed and fired.

RCMP tests on a variety of semi-automatic weapons sold in Canada have found the guns can be converted temporarily into fully automatic firearms through an improvised technique described on the internet.

That was the conclusion of an internal report prompted by last year’s shooting deaths of three Mounties in Moncton, N.B. The report was delivered to the public safety minister for possible action.

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson wrote to Steven Blaney last December, detailing test results on six types of semi-automatics and recommending the government consider laws or regulations to ensure the improvisation technique is prohibited.


What disreputable, ratings-driven dishonesty.

There is no “temporary conversion” from a legal semi-automatic firearm to an very illegal fully-automatic one, you fear-mongering dolts. There’s no conversion at all.

They’re simply bump-firing.

Bump-firing is a series of common and widely-known techniques to harness recoil energy and create a simulation of rapid fire, if the shooter can manage to stand stock still in a braced position and applies just the right amount of pressure.

It’s a range gimmick that turns money into smoke and noise, without any practical use, and the CBC should be excoriated for attempting to create fear among the citizenry with this sensationalist claptrap.

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