Crazed Jersey Democrat Wants To Force Gun Shops To Carry "Lutefisk"

This is Loretta, and she’s obsessed with lutefisk.

Let’s say you own a family-style restaurant.

You create a menu based upon what your customers ask for, occasionally swapping out items that don’t sell well with other items that you think they might like.


Then a politician—we’ll call her Loretta, for argument’s sake—barges in and says that you have to get ride of every item on your menu and carry lutefisk exclusively, or at least you will the moment any other restaurant in the nation carries that Nordic concoction of whitefish soaked in lye.

Out of respect for your plight (and the fact almost no one likes gellatinous fish soaked in lye), other restaurants around the nation don’t carry lutefisk for the next 13 years.

Loretta gets mad that no one is carrying lutefisk, and so she can’t force you to go to an all lutefisk menu under the rules of her bizarre law. Loretta comes out and offers a “compromise.”

She’ll replace her old “all lutefisk, all the time” proclamation with another edict that forces every restaurant to stock some lutefisk, even though the customers have repeatedly said they hate lutefisk.


Are you in a much better position as a restaurant owner? Not really.

A crazy women named Loretta is still obsessed with forcing lutefisk onto your menu, and will force you to stock it, even though your customers don’t want it, have never wanted it, and even if some were vaguely open to the concept of lutefisk, they turn away in sticker shock after discovering that it costs $1,800.

Ladies and gentlemen, Loretta Weinberg is still trying to shove lutefisk (“smart guns”) down the throats of New Jersey’s gun stores, even though gun-buying customers in the state have stated repeatedly and loudly they they don’t want these junk guns.


“Smart guns” are a family of immature technologies that are fragile and failure-prone (Armatix fails more than 50-percent of the time in the hands of an authorized user) in a field where less than 99% reliability is not just a clear failure, but life-threatening. There is a reason that New Jersey’s police want to be exempt from Loretta’s attempts to force “lutefisk” upon the citizens of New Jersey, and that is the knowledge that this immature technology will get people killed when these guns fail at a critical juncture when lives are on the line.

Only crazy people push smart guns and lutefisk.

Maybe it’s time for 80-year-old Loretta Weinburg to think about retiring, and stop trying to force people to buy what they clearly don’t want.

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