"Refugee" Invasion Spurs Gun Rush In Europe

The “refugee crisis” in Europe is continuing to accelerate/worsen. As crimes of every kind skyrocket as a result of the invasion (let’s call it what it is), Europeans are clamoring for arms to defend their homes. Austria


Fear of refugees committing crimes have led Austrians to go on a spending spree for firearms, according to an Austrian news report.

Headlined “Austrians are arming themselves with guns”, the OE24 report says the wave of refugees arriving in Austria has led to record sales for gun retailers.

Sales of weapons have surged abruptly with 70,000 more firearms sold so far this year than the same period last year, the report said.

“Nearly all shotguns are sold out because you don’t need to have a firearms permit to buy them,” Thomas Ortner, spokesman for gun retailers in the state of Upper Austria, said.

“Registration courses for pistols are usually held only every five weeks but are now held weekly.”

Upper Austria with 157,000 firearms is only the third-ranked state for firearms. No 1 is Upper Austria; its 250,000 weapons have 66,000 owners, the report says.

Austria was already the most armed country in Europe. Arms retailers report it is noticeable that many women are buying firearms. Austrian households have more than 900,000 weapons. The country’s population is 8.5 million, the report said.

Not that these are the legal sales occurring in a European nation where the right to own firearms is relatively well-recognized, and so citizens are acquiring legal firearms mostly designed for sport.

Most of Europe lacks Austria’s relative freedom, and so the only way to acquire firearms is on the black market. When firearms ownership is treated harshly and legal firearms are not an option a curious thing happens.


Instead of purchasing a difficult to hide shotgun, a concerned citizen will purchase a submachine gun, such as as a Vz.61 Skorpion, which is becoming increasing popular in “gun free” Great Britain.

Submachine guns like this CZ Vz.61 have been turning up in Western Europe as gangs up-arm themselves. Regular citizens will start buying them next.

As the rapes, arsons, and rioting gets worse as the inevitable clash of civilizations takes place, you’re going to see an underground arms race take place between European nationals and this invading army of military-age Muslim males, as desperate governments try (and mostly fail) to contain the violence.

Every human being is born with an innate human right to armed self-defense, and people will seize that natural right—even if denied that right by government—when threatened.

It’s going to get sporty in Europe, folks.

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