San Diego PD Shuts Down Arriving Flights During Standoff

Some nut has barricaded himself inside a one bedroom apartment in San Diego after opening fire on police when they responded to a domestic violence call.

San Diego police rushed to a community north of downtown Wednesday for what they described as an active shooter inside an apartment building using a high-powered rifle.

The threat to the community prompted officials to shut down traffic on the ground and in the air as San Diego International Airport is located less than two miles away.

SDPD were called to 2445 Brant Street in the Bankers Hill area just after 9 a.m. for a domestic violence call. When they arrived, they immediately came under fire, officials said.

“At some point when they were inside the apartment, bullets were fired from behind an interior door, nearly hitting the officers,” Lt. Scott Wahl said.

The suspect was contained in a one-bedroom apartment on the southeast side of the apartment building, Wahl said.

The gunfire continued after 10 a.m. and as of 11:30 a.m., the incident has not been resolved. So far, no one has been reported hurt.


The apartment complex is on the flight path for incoming flights, and flights are being diverted out of an abundance of caution.

Some are scoffing at the partial airport closure as being overcautious, but I’m not so sure.

While it would be difficult to hit any specific spot on an airplane coming in for a landing, you have to consider that your average passenger plane is 120+ feet long, roughly a dozen feet across, and “only” going 155 mph or so as it is coming in to land. If some nut cranked off a few rounds and was on the right (geometric) plane, he could certain manage to put a round or two through the think skin of an aircraft and potentially injure someone.

The scene appears to be relatively stable at this time, and the “active” shooter hasn’t be actively shooting in more than an hour.

San Diego SWAT deployed flash-bangs and tear gas more than 60 minutes ago, but have not apparently made any attempts to to enter the one bedroom unit at this time, and may be in communication with the barricaded suspect.

Update: There’s a simpler explanation, according to this chopper jockey:


Yeah, I guess that would ruin your day.

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