Cruz-Hating Liberals Can't Let Their Silly "Gun Safety" Misfire Go

I’m not a regular reader of either Gizmodo or Wonkette because, well, I’m a man.

All I know of either site is that they occasionally pop-up in my news feed, typically when they attempt to comment on a subject well outside of their lane, such as good taste or firearms.


For whatever reason, an occasional hunter who works for Gizmodo and who has a friend in the NRA (he whispers, like he’s mentioning his Viagra supplier) decided yesterday to attack Ted Cruz for what he asserted was a gun safety violation.

Here’s Cruz’s “violation.”


Wes Siler claimed that Cruz was violating the first two of Col. Jeff Cooper’s famed “four rules” of firearms safety as he was holding a over/under shotgun pointing over his shoulder in a “field safe” condition, with the action open and completely empty chambers shown to the world. While you can’t see them in this particular still-frame shot, video shows several other hunters are behind the Senator, out of frame of the camera to the right. At least one is carrying his O/U shotgun in the same field safe condition that you’ll see at trap and skeet ranges and in bird-hunting fields around the world.

The shotgun is one simple lever-pull from being disassembled into three parts.

I explained to Siler yesterday why he was wrong about Cooper’s rules, and even cited for him Col. Cooper’s own explanation of those rules.

Clearly unable to see past his hatred of the Senator to admit he was wrong, and that he didn’t actually understand Cooper’s rules or that carrying an break-action shotgun (whether an over/under like Cruz was carrying, a side-by-side, or a single-shot) with the action open and the chamber empty is 100% safe, Siler instead retreated into a defensive and snarky temper tantrum.


It was almost cute. Almost. But Wes Siler purports to be an adult male, and should take responsibility for manning up and admitting he was wrong.

It’s both sad and pathetic that he will not.

Equally in need of manning up is Kaili Joy Gray, the caustic editor of Wonkette, who went on an even longer and more clueless Cruz-hating binge filled with such vigor that you can all but see the froth flying from her soy latte -stained gums.

Amusingly, the comments section to the article is filled with comments from embarrassed readers correcting Gray over and over again, apparently to no avail.

wonk wonk2

As Hillary Clinton and her allies continue their push to make the 2016 elections about gun control and confiscation, I suspect we’ll see more clueless attacks from these left-wing blogs attempting to support Clinton’s untenable position.

It’s going to be a fun year.

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