We Are All On The Front Lines Now. Train to Fight.

Rifleman I bounding fire
A fireteam composed of Rifleman I students practice bounding fire at Valor Ridge, in Harrogate TN, November 8, 2015.

Our leaders have failed us.

On the exact same day that President Barack Obama declared that ISIS was “contained” in Syria, an ISIS cell of eight men launched a series of attacks at six location in Paris, France.


At least 127 people were murdered for simply being part of a civilized culture, and roughly 300 more are being hospitalized. 80 of the 300 are in critical condition. Many of the critically injured will die or be permanently disabled because of the bloodlust of a savage totalitarian political movement disguised as a religion.

The Muslim attackers shouts that their attack was for their god and for Syria, the same nation that is flooding western Europe and the United States with hundreds of thousands of “refugees” that are conspicuously light on families, women, children, and the elderly, and instead are suspiciously heavy on what counter-terrorism professionals dryly describe as “military age males.”

The Islamic invasion—let’s call it what it is—is going to lead to another Paris, another Mumbai, another Westgate Mall, and it will hit us here in the United States.

It will be at your local mall, your child’s school, a crowded sporting event on a weekend night, or anywhere else there are groups that these savages view as soft targets. You can either trust the same government that is accelerating the importation of Syrian “refugees” to protect you and pray that the next Paris happens in another American town, or you can train to be your own first responder.

We are all on the front lines now.

Pat Rogers of EAG Tactical is a living legend in the firearms training community. He is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and the NYPD with extensive counter-terrorism experience, and in the language you’d expect from a retired Chief Warrant Officer, he laid the situation out with clarity.


I was going to post this earlier today, but was overtaken by events.

So, stand by for a ram.

If you own a gun, and do not train how to use it- you are not an armed citizen.
You are a f**ktard.

If you can legally carry a gun, and don’t- you are not an armed citizen.
You are a f**ktard

If you have not developed the proper mindset and you have the normal zero percent of situational awareness, and have received training, and do carry a gun- you are still not an armed citizen.
You are a f**ktard.

The world changed on 09/11/01.
This country changed when the Marxist took power, and it is still changing as he and his fellow travelers continue to steal our rights, every single day.

YOU can influence this.
Develop the proper mindset. Carry the necessary equipment that will allow you to influence the situation.

Then become politically engaged.
And stay engaged.

Your job is to not permit democrats to gain/ remain in office.
Become a single issue voter.

That issue is guns.

If you get pithy and whine about how all politicians are alike and permit them to retain power, you are complicit in the downfall of this country.

If they get our guns, everything else follows.


When the next hit comes—and I assure you, it is a matter of when and where and how, not if—it will be the American civilian who will be there first, not your local police patrol units or sheriff’s deputies, and certainly not the SWAT units who will mop up the enemy so that fire and EMS can begin extracting the wounded and counting the dead.


These public servants so reviled by the left for choosing an honorable life of duty are dedicated men and women who will selflessly swarm to the sound of the guns and the explosions, but they are undermanned, undertrained, and too spread out across wide swathes of territory to mount any sort of organized counterattack within the first ten minutes or perhaps even the first half-hour if the terrorists are wise about picking their targets and tactics.

It will be you, my fellow Americans, who are going to be on the front lines.

So let’s talk about that “necessary equipment.”

If you are of sound mind, good judgement, and are not a criminal, I implore you to get in contact with a defensive firearms training professional in your area, obtain firearms designed to win fights, learn how to use them, and carry them with you everywhere you possibly can.

Quite obviously the best tools to deal with the sort of terrorist attack we know is coming is precisely the same sort of firearms that anti-gun Democrats have been trying to outlaw for the past 50 years, that Barack Obama laments he’s been unable to ban, and which Hillary Clinton has targeted as part of her campaign against the Second Amendment and freedom itself.

At a bare minimum, acquire a quality (not necessarily expensive) semi-automatic handgun and five magazines. It doesn’t have to be new, and police trade-ins typically offer a great value.


Get your concealed carry permit. Take at least one defensive handgun course with a recognized professional on how to use this firearm under stress. If you can find a class that incorporates simulator runs in shoot-houses and/or which utilizes force-on-force training, please do it.

Carry this gun and at least two of your spare magazines with you at all times.

I would strongly suggest that you acquire a quality (not necessarily expensive) semi-automatic carbine, such as an AR-15 or an AKM, along with at least four standard-capacity (30-round) magazines.  One of these belongs with your rifle. The other three should go in a simple chest rig. One way or the other, the problem with be over before you shoot 120 well-aimed shots.

You must get a good and simple weapon light for your rifle. It need not be expensive or powerful, but it must help you discriminate targets. I highly recommend a momentary-on only white light that only turns on as long as you hold down the switch.

Optics or iron sights is a matter of personal choice, but you must be able to use them effectively. I personally prefer red dots, as do many professionals with far more experience than I.

Get training for this rifle. Develop the mindset to use the tool of violence to save innocent lives.

There are excellent two-to-five day fighting rifle schools throughout this nation that will prepare you for the road ahead. Gunsite Academy added a specialized Active Shooter/Terrorist Response for Civilians to their curriculum because this threat is so obvious, and other firearms schools are following suite to counter this obvious and emerging threat that our government is studiously attempting to ignore.


Have your rifle and chest rig ready to go, either in a locked trunk or toolbox in your vehicle, or in your home. Keep ti as close as you practically can to you, and have the mindset to use the tool of violence when you need it.

Violence is rarely the answer, but when it is, it’s the only answer.

You have a life, a family, a culture, and a country worth defending.

Get off your butt and do it.

* * *

At the end of my last rifle class, during the last classroom session as the sun fled the sky and night began to fall, an instructor came into the room and took us out one-by-one. Moments later, we would hear one to five shots, and the student would come back in.

When it was my turn, he pointed at me, took me out of class and started walking me rapidly across the parking lot and down the hill.

“Bob, your daughter just called from her high school. Her ex-boyfriend called her. He had just dedicated himself to ISIS, and is on the way to her school to carry out an attack. The police are on the way, but they’re ten minutes out. You’re a squared away guy, and have your rifle ready to go and can get there faster. You’ve grabbed your gear and arrive at the school. Just as you pull up, you see him.”

“There he is!”

160 yards away in the half light, a single white steel target loomed ominously on the hillside among innocent bystanders.

I dropped to prone on the gravel, lined up the red dot in the center of the target, exhaled, and slowly pressed the trigger straight to the rear.


The shot broke. A 123-grain copper-coated lead bullet leapt the distance of a little more than one-and-a-half football fields at a velocity of 2,400 feet per second and smashed dead-center into what would have been the heart of a human being.


“He’s down. Nice shot.”

* * *

Violence is rarely the answer, but when it is, it’s the only answer.

Be ready.

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