Majority of White Liberal DC Residents Hate The Second Amendment

Surprising no one, white liberal Washington, D.C. residents want black Washington, D.C,  residents disarmed, and they’re quite happy to throw the Constitution in the trash in order to get their way:


Fifty-one percent of D.C. residents said they would like to reinstate a ban on all gun ownership in the city that was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2008, according to a new Washington Post poll.

Almost as many, 47 percent, oppose the idea. Three percent have no opinion.

The finding comes as the District grapples with a 58 percent spike in homicides this year — almost all from gun violence — and that the poll found has sent crime to the top of residents’ concerns about the city.

With a solid half in support of a total gun ban, the poll’s findings will probably embolden D.C. politicians and gun-control advocates, who are fighting to keep intact lesser firearm restrictions that gun enthusiasts are contesting in federal courts.

Going even further and reinstating a total ban on gun ownership is most popular among white residents (62 percent), particularly whites with college degrees (67 percent) and white women (65 percent), the poll found.

It is also popular among all residents with incomes of at least $100,000 (61 percent), residents under age 30 (57 percent) and people who have lived in the city less than 10 years (60 percent).

Support for a gun ban falls to about 4 in 10 among residents with a high school education or less, and with incomes below $50,000. African Americans, particularly those living in areas of the city that have experienced a 50 percent increase in robberies made at gunpoint this year, were also among the least supportive.


Only 6% of survey respondents identified as Republicans, as Republicans prefer to live in northern Virginia, or as a gun-owning colleague of mine calls it, “on the freedom side of the [Potomac] river.”

This poll confirms that white liberals in Washington want to completely disarm all citizens (other than their bodyguards and multiple layers of law enforcement), instead of allowing people to take responsibility for their own protection. They are more than happy with the idea of black Washington residents—the actual victims of violent crime in a supermajority of instances—being completely denied the natural right of armed self-defense.

Almost all gun control laws passed in the history of the United States have resulted from wealthy white anti-gun Democrats attempting to disarm minority populations.

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