Basic Assaulting/Falling Back

One of the more interesting and certainly the most physically and mentally demanding parts of Rifleman I at Valor Ridge were the assaulting drills we ran.

We had two teams of eight, with an overwatch element providing cover fire from hilltop to hilltop against two different positions, and the assault force, made up of two fireteams.

Youtuber Aregularguy is in the left fireteam, and is second from the end of the line.

I’m anchoring the right side of the line in the same assault, but I’m not the star.

Every time you hear steel ping, that’s a hit on one of the “bad guys,” who were reduced-sized steel targets. more than 160-100 yards away (depending on where we were in the assault) taking a hit. In my opinion, it was reasonably effective rounds on targets from a group that was only learning to carry out this basic infantry maneuver.

This is what becoming part of the “well-regulated” (well-trained, smoothly-functioning) militia looks like, folks.

Are you training?

Jul 03, 2022 8:30 AM ET