"Zero Tolerance" Weapon Policy Hounds College Student To Death

A college student victimized by Maryland’s deep anti-gun gun paranoia, social justice madness and bullying has been found dead.

Jacob Marberger, the Washington College student missing and presumed armed since Monday, was found dead Saturday.

The 19 year old male who was being sought by Chestertown Police Deparment in Maryland was found in a picnic area in the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary near Hamburg, Pennsylvania,  along with the green Land Rover that he was believed to be operating.
The victim died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to police.

The school on Maryland’s Eastern Shore first canceled classes Monday, after Marberger’s parents called the college to say he had returned home to Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia and may have taken a firearm.

His disappearance followed difficulties he had been experiencing at the college, police said. He had recently been kicked out of Phi Delta Theta fraternity and resigned his position as speaker of the senate in the college’s student government.

He was also scheduled to have a hearing based on the school’s honor code, according to Chestertown Police Chief Adrian Baker.

Baker added that Marberger had not made any known threats to the college or students, but that the school closed proactively.


Predictably, the news outlet won’t tell the full story, of how Marburger, a thriving college student, had his life destroyed over the past six weeks for standing up against loutish behavior, and the “crime” of showing off an antique firearm in his fraternity house in a manner that no one misinterpreted as a threat.

Paranoid administrators at Washington College shut the school down for two weeks while Marburger was missing, even though he wasn’t though to be a threat, or even in the state. It was this rabid anti-gun paranoia that Marburger apparently thought would lead to his expulsion and the destruction of his life.

Marburger’s fraternity and the student government association at Washington College made his life hellish, but what seems to have driven him over the edge was that he was being brought up on a hearing for violating the school’s honor code for holding the antique pistol in his fraternity. Instead of facing more humiliation and the possibility of expulsion, he chose suicide.

George Washington, our first President, must be spinning in grave over the thought of school bearing his name ruining the life of a student for the mere possession of a firearm.

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