Moron Charged With Felony For Shooting At Thief

This is Dylan Jones, and he's a moron.
This is Dylan Jones, and he's a moron.
This is Dylan Jones, and he’s a moron.

Columbus Indiana resident Dylan Jones get up from his nightly lead paint chip feast long enough to bust some caps at a petty thief and nearly hole his neighbors in the process:


At approximately 12:03 a.m., Columbus police officers were dispatched to the 3600 block of Cardinal Lane in regards to an attempted theft from vehicles.

Upon arrival, officers spoke with Dylan Jones, 22. Jones advised that a Hispanic male wearing a dark colored hat and shirt was breaking into vehicles and fled in a dark colored Volkswagen Jetta. Jones told officers that he fired shots at the suspect’s vehicle as it was leaving the area.

Officers recovered a handgun from Jones’ apartment and also located a bullet hole in the siding of an occupied apartment nearby.  The bullet hole was approximately one foot way from the apartment window.

Jones was placed under arrest on a preliminary charge of criminal recklessness while armed with a deadly weapon, a level 5 felony.  The suspect vehicle was not located.

Jones confessed that he fired at a man who was not a lethal force threat, but who was in fact a petty criminal who was busy becoming less of a threat by leaving the area as fast as he could. Jones carelessly and recklessly discharged his gun an unknown number of times in a densely-populated apartment community that had a trailer park community on one side, a church behind it, and residential neighborhoods on the other two sides. The only thing that stopped the bullet from entering the nearest neighbor’s apartment was rather stout construction. The other bullets are still unaccounted for at this time


Hopefully, the felony charge against Jones will stick. Someone this flippantly careless and reckless with firearms should never have a gun again.


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