NC Man Arrested After Assuming Constitution Applied In New York

At least, that’s what the headline should read for this sad story of a man who dared leave the Free States:

A North Carolina man was arrested in New York after he was pulled over and police found a loaded handgun in his truck. reported that Bobby Campbell, 34, of Carrboro, was charged Saturday afternoon after being pulled over by a trooper for speeding.

Campbell was pulled over in his pickup truck in Verona, N.Y. where he was visiting relatives, according to the report.

The trooper who pulled him over reportedly found ammunition in the center console and questioned Campbell about it.

Police said Campbell admitted he bought a handgun in North Carolina and was carrying it with him to New York as he was visiting relatives.

Troopers searched the truck and reportedly found a fully-loaded Smith & Wesson 9-millimeter semi-automatic pistol and an extra loaded magazine in the cab of the vehicle.

Campbell has been charged with felony second-degree criminal possession of a weapon in addition to the speeding charge. He was released on a $4,400 cash bail.

He was charged with a felony for daring to think that he had a natural right to self-defense in one of the most liberty-starved states in the union.

How silly of him.