Deion Sanders Is Smarter On Guns Than Bernie Sanders

A number of celebrities and politicians are weighing in on the Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernadino yesterday where 14 people were killed and 17 were injured before police killed the husband and wife terror team in a shootout.


While most celebrities are as vapid as you might expect, there are a few with some insights, and NFL legend “Neon” Deion Sanders is one of them 

Celebrities were asked about gun violence in the wake of the shooting massacre in San Bernardino Wednesday, and NFL legend Deion Sanders replied that guns aren’t the problem.

Guns aren’t “picking up themselves and pulling triggers on [their] own,” Sanders responded. “I think people are doing that. It says more about people than it says about guns.”


“I’m not an advocate of ignorance or violence whatsoever,” he continued, “but we really need to look at people.”

Sanders added that inner-city gun violence occurs “on a daily basis” and that solving that problem is as important as figuring out how to stop gun violence outside the inner city.

Indeed. Inner city violence like that routinely witnessed in Baltimore, Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit, Washington, DC and other failing cities accounts for roughly half of the homicides each year in the United States, and yet solving this very human problem related to gang activity, poverty, and the drug culture is largely glossed over as anti-gun Democrat politicians instead focus their ire on passing gun laws targeted spitefully at middle class independent and conservative gun owners.

Violence is now and has always been a people problem, not a tool problem.


As insight as this comment us by Deion Sanders, Senator Bernie Sanders took to Twitter and proposed the exact insanity that even a retired athlete knew to be wrong.


True to his “old man yells at cloud” roots, nearly everything Sanders claimed was wrong. Mass shooting are far from common. There have been precisely 21 mass shootings in the United States this year according to the conventional definition of the term. The claim of 335 killings was manufactured by a self-defined left-wing propagandist. Likewise, we have significant and actually overbearing gun control in California, which had no effect on the terrorists at all.

Not Actually Bernie Sanders.
Not Actually Bernie Sanders.

Nor is there significant support for universal background checks once people see actual legislation instead of vague concepts, and there are no crime reduction benefit whatsoever to banning rifles (which account for few deaths each year than hammers) or a reduction in casualties as a result of magazine bans.

It’s a heck of a thing when a retired football player has more political insight has more policy insight than a man who would be President.

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