If You Don't Own Military-Grade Weapons, You're Failing As A Citizen

Live Free or Die
Live Free

The radical leftists that make up the bulk of the politimedia (the revolving door between the Democrat Party and the mainstream media) are completely unwilling to deal with the fact that the male terrorist who carried out the attack on the Christmas party at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino described himself as “a good Muslim” and “very liberal” in his political views.

They’re also unwilling to admit that his terrorist wife easily passed through the same DHS screening that the Obama Administration wants to give Syrian refugees after ISIS boasted of seeding trained terrorists among them, or that California’s incredibly strict gun laws simply fail to stop either common criminals, mass murderer, or terrorists.

These only disarm law-abiding citizens, setting them up to be victimized by criminals, terrorists, and tyrants.

Of course, that is what these laws are designed to do.

The clear intention of the American Left of gutting the Second Amendment, my friends, is a mockery of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the philosophies that built this nation.

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley are un-American candidates, representing a perverse cartoon wing of a once-proud political party.

Once a proud icon o the Democrat Party, John Kennedy would be booed out of the modern Democrat Party.
Once a proud icon o the Democrat Party, John Kennedy would be booed out of the modern Democrat Party.

Not only should sane, non-felon American citizens be armed, they should be able to purchase the most advance firearms they can afford to purchase without infringement from the federal government, as the Founding Fathers explicitly demanded.

The Second Amendment was never about “muskets.”

Choke down this fact: Thomas Jefferson owned an Austrian repeater with a 20-round magazine built a year before the Second Amendment was ratified. He sent it west with Lewis & Clark, setting westward expansion into motion, and has dramatically influenced world history as a result. It can fairly be said that the single most important firearm in world history was an assault rifle manufactured before the Bill Of Rights was recognized.

The Founding Fathers explicitly viewed multi-barrel weapons, fast-firing rifles, handguns, cannon, howitzers, mortars, rockets, hand grenades, early machine guns, submarines, torpedoes, and privately-owned warships capable of flattening coastal cities as arms suitable for ownership by American citizens. We know this because each and every single one of these weapon systems was in use and owned by private citizens.

Through the majority of American history the only limit to the arms a citizen could own was the size of his bank account. In most families, the single most expensive investment after the family home (and sometimes more expensive than the family home) was the purchase of the highest-quality firearms they could afford.  When I did a private tour of the National Firearms Museum with Senior Curator Phil Schreier last month, he explained how citizens would spend the equivalent of a new car to purchase a long rifle in the 1700s and 1800s. It was that vital to their livelihoods and their liberty.

Firearms prices came down as both firearms and manufacturing technologies advanced. Repeating firearms in various configurations became commonplace, as did ever-more-specialized firearms for specific uses.

In each and every step along the way, the private citizen had firearms far more advanced than the soldiers of the United States military. when the Lakota and Cheyenne annihilated the Seventh Cavalry, some of their warriors were armed with lever-action Henry and Sharps rifles, while Custer’s troopers were armed with single-shot breach-loading Springfields. When Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders (a volunteer cavalry regiment) went to war in Cuba in 1898, their most powerful firearms was a pair of Colt-Browning M1895 7mm machine guns, an impulse purchase by several wealthy women on Madison Avenue in New York City.

Semi-automatic rifles were commercially successful in the United States for three decades before the military finally adopted the M1 Garand prior to World War II, and Colt started selling AR-15s to American citizens in 1963, six long years before a selective-fire variant called the M16A1 was finally adopted as the military’s standard service rifle.

The major federal gun control laws—The National Firearms Act of 1934, the Gun Control Act of 1968, and the Hughes Amendment to the Firearms Owners Protection Act—are relatively recent and clear infringements that turned the Founder’s clear intent upside down.

The Founding Fathers were very clear.

They wanted the American citizenry to be better armed than government, so that on those days government attempts to seize the people’s liberty to increase their own power, the people could fight back, and triumph.

While it is fiscally impractical to impossible for citizens to afford modern warships, armored fighting vehicles, and other costly weapon systems, every citizen should be able to purchase the best military-grade small arms and they can afford.

The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting. It was written by rebels who wanted to ensure that future citizens would be suitably armed with the most technologically-advanced weapons they could afford to resist tyrannical government, which they’ve done as recently as 1946 and again in 2014.

More citizens need to be armed with the very firearms that these government-worshiping totalitarians would ban.

We need more citizens to arm themselves with rifles of contemporary military utility, standard-capacity magazines, sufficient amounts of ammunition, load-bearing equipment and body armor, and acquire proficiency in their use. More Americans should learn small unit infantry tactics, combat casualty care, and restore the mindset that the government is our servant, and we are it’s masters.

If you do not own an AR-15 or equivalent rifle of contemporary militia utility, you are failing as an American citizen. If you do not have proficiency with a semi-automatic rifle, nor a grasp of why possession and mastery of such a weapon is vital to the continued existence of our Republic, you have been failed by your educators and your family.

Endeavor to fix that.

The American Revolution was never meant to end. We were never meant to be docile and meek, nor quake in febrile rage, demanding to be neutered.

Be armed and be free, or be less than a real American.