The Man Who Can't Stop Lying

As predicted, Barack Obama attempted to misdirect the American people during his prime-time Oval Office address last night.

The absentee President’s relatively brief addressed seemed more concerned with protecting his view of the nature of Islam than the lives of American citizens, and he quickly pivoted towards asserting that American gun owners were the real threat.

Toward this end, Obama pushed his call to weaponize his enemies list. He wants to be able to arbitrarily put American citizens that he doesn’t like on one of several list, and then strip them of their constitutional rights by executive fiat.

There is a word for that, spelled T-Y-R-A-N-N-Y.

Obama spoke of using the “no fly” list as a jumping off point for stripping Americans of due process under the law, even though more than half of the names on that list were wrongly included.

To date, precisely one person placed on the “no-fly” list has been responsible for the death of an American citizen, and that person is dearly departed Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy (who should have been in a “no drive” list instead).


Of course, astute observers will note that while Obama talked about the horribly-flawed “no fly” list in his address, that isn’t the list that Democrat lawmakers have been pushing to use against American citizens in recent weeks.

They have instead been attempting to use a much larger and even more arbitrary database numbering nearly one million souls, the “terror watch list.”  This database has even lower standards, and you can be placed upon it for merely working with someone that said something controversial on Facebook, has a name similar to yours, who attempted to make a purchase with an expired credit card, or my own personal story, had the temerity to write an article that Obama Administration loyalists did not like.

Sadly, I’m hardly the only journalist to have ended up on a watch list that doubles as a corrupt President’s enemies list. There are nearly 300,000 people who have now ended up on this list for having the wrong opinions, or for no credible reason at all.

Barack Obama and his enablers in the media are attempting to use this most recent terrorist attack as an excuse to name anyone a “terrorist” by using whatever definition they see fit at any given moment, and then strip American citizens who have committed no crimes of their rights without them having been suspected of committing a crime.

It’s a deplorable and frankly un-American demand from a failed President, who is representing a failing and increasingly marginalized political party.

Oct 21, 2021 9:30 PM ET