"Flowing Like Water." Obama's Speech Causes Gun Sales Spike

Barack Obama keeps padding his resume as the greatest gun salesman in history, and is causing gun, magazine,and ammunition sales to spike yet again:

Gun and ammunition sales have been spiking in Wake County following President Obama’s Sunday prime-time address and the mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., last week that left 14 people dead.

Clay Ausley, the owner of Fuquay Gun & Gold, said shoppers are not just checking items off their Christmas lists, they are stocking up in anticipation that gun control laws will tighten.

“We even saw an influx of customers coming in purchasing in fear of what (Obama) was going to say,” he said.

Ausley said he started work at 4 a.m. Monday morning to replenish the stock.

“With Obama making the statement that he wants to change legislation, get it to where its harder for the public to purchase high-capacity firearms, folks are going to start running to get what they can get ,” he said. “The heaviest hitters have been ammunition and high-capacity magazines. The AR mags, the AK mags – they have been flowing out of here like water.”

The anti-gun rhetoric of leading Democrats, and calls by some radical members of the New York media to gut the Second Amendment and even label National Rifle Association members as terrorists, led to the single greatest one day gun sales spike in American history just days ago.

Americans voted with their wallets, and purchased enough firearms to equip a militia the size of the U.S. Marine Corps with enough guns left over to equip two Army divisions.

But that was before the San Bernardino terrorist attacks on a Christmas party by a radicalized government employee and his jihadi bride, who came into the United States from Pakistan by exploiting weaknesses in the Obama Administration’s immigration schemes, and before the President’s prime-time Sunday night address that all but refused to blame the obvious role of Islamic terrorism in the attack, and instead attacked the right of Americans to own the very guns that brought these terrorists down.

Americans have since returned to their gun stores and are stocking up on more guns, magazines, optics, accouterments, and ammunition, anticipating a fight against enemies both foreign and domestic.