Bitter Democrat Senator Calls Concealed Carry Bill Work Of "Lunatics"

You mad, bro?

“The Ohio Legislature’s passed a law to allow concealed weapons in day care centers, but interesting, this same Legislature, in its wisdom, doesn’t allow concealed weapons in the statehouse,” Brown said.

“When I say they’re lunatics, that’s what I’m talking about,” Brown continued. “People that think you should allow guns in day care centers but they’re protecting themselves by not allowing guns in their workplace, that would be in that category of lunatics.”

In an interview Wednesday, Maag said leaving the statehouse out of his concealed-carry bill was an “oversight,” and he hoped the state Senate would add a provision to cover the building. As for Brown’s charge, Maag cracked: “These liberals drive me nuts.”

He suggested Brown needed to beef up on the issue before he spouted off.

“You can tell the senator that I really appreciate his concern about the Second Amendment,” Maag said. “Perhaps he ought to take a little time to read the Constitution of the United States and maybe he ought to take a little time to read the bill.”


Sadly, Senator Brown is representative of the growing disconnect between the upper echelons of the modern Democrat Party and the Constitution, especially those vital and preexisting natural individual rights outlined in the Bill of Rights, which included the Second Amendment.

I grew up with quite a few “conservative Democrats” like Jim Webb, the former senator and recent Democrat Presidential candidate. Most no longer call themselves Democrats. It’s not that they left the Democrat Party, so much as the party left them when it veered into 60s leftist hippie-fascist radicalism.

Brown isn’t a senator, but a symptom of a liberty-hating party in free-fall.


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