Media Really Bummed They're Losing The Gun Control Fight

Oh, dear.

The Associated Press has looked at what’s happened since Sandy Hook, and they’ve come to realize that their dreams of gutting the Second Amendment have failed spectacularly.

The 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in which a mentally troubled young man killed 26 children and educators, served as a rallying cry for gun-control advocates across the nation.

But in the three years since, many states have moved in the opposite direction, embracing the National Rifle Association’s axiom that more “good guys with guns” are needed to deter mass shootings.

In Kansas, gun owners can now carry concealed weapons without obtaining a license. In Texas, those with permits will soon be able to carry openly in holsters and bring concealed weapons into some college classrooms. And in Arkansas, gun enthusiasts may be able to carry weapons into polling places next year when they vote for president.

Dozens of new state laws have made it easier to obtain guns and carry them in more public places and made it harder for local governments to enact restrictions, according to a review of state legislation by The Associated Press. The number of guns manufactured and sold and the number of permits to carry concealed weapons have also increased, data show.

The Associated Press isn’t completely distraught, however, as it points to tiny totalitarian Michael Bloomberg and his personally bankrolled gun control groups as bright points in their otherwise collapsing movement. Bloomberg has had some limited success when he pours millions of dollars into carefully chosen political races.

What Bloomberg’s not doing, however, is winning on a national level, which is why he’s been forced to fight stop-gap fights on the state level to limit the damage to his cause of citizen disarmament.

We’re winning… and they can’t stand it.

Dec 02, 2021 7:30 PM ET