Gun Control Group Tells Followers To "SWAT" Gun Owners

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) is a radical gun control group with a long history of considering gun ownership to be near treasonous, and who routinely refers to gun owners as “insurrectionists.”


Twice this year they called upon their followers to “SWAT” gun owners.

SWATting is the practice of making a 911 call in order to draw police attention to someone you don’t suspect of committing a crime.

A SWATting call led to the death of John Crawford in Beaver Creek Ohio (the 911 caller made false claims that Crawford was loading an “assault rifle” and pointing it people, but was never charged after Crawford was killed by police). Law enforcement officers such as Sentinel, Oklahoma Police Chief Louis Ross, have been shot responding to SWATting calls.

Sadly, after being warned repeatedly about the dangers of SWATting to both law enforcement and citizens, CSGV continued promoting the dangerous practice again on Facebook today.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. If you see someone carrying a gun in public and have ANY doubts about their intentions, call 911 immediately. NEVER leave yourself, or your loved ones, at the mercy of loose guns laws that routinely arm individuals with a history of violence.



CSGV wants followers to abuse the 911 system to harass any gun owner they see, even though they don’t suspect the gun owner of committing a crime.

Even worse, CSGV followers such as Teresa McKown Anthony are aware that their 911 calls on gun owners could lead to a deadly outcome… and they don’t care.

Teresa McKown Anthony If a person has a gun, it doesn’t matter to me what color they are! I’m going to assume the worst, get away from them and call 911. I have just as much right to feel safe as they have to carry a gun. They will have to worry about the consequences of what law enforcement might do.



This flippant “well, they had it coming” mindset is indicative of the kind of poison we’ve come to expect from CSGV.

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