Anti-Gun Sheriff Negligently Shoots His Own Hand

Mike Johnstone, an Iowa sheriff infamous for pushing the anti-gun lie that “shall issue” concealed carry will lead to “wild-west” shootouts, has managed to Glockify himself.

Des Moines County Sheriff Mike Johnstone is recovering after his personally-owned handgun went off accidentally while he was cleaning it at his home on Wednesday.

A press release from the Des Moines County Sheriff’s department says that Johnstone suffered the injury at around 11:30 pm. A sheriff’s department official tells KBUR that Johnstone was beginning the process of cleaning his weapon when the gun, a Glock pistol, discharged, shooting Johnstone in the hand.

Sheriff Johnstone was taken to Great River Medical Center Emergency Room for treatment of the non-life threatening injury. GRMC made arrangements to have Sheriff Johnstone transferred to another medical facility where he could be treated by a surgeon who specializes in hand injuries.

Johnstone removed the magazine from his pistol but failed to do a chamber check before squeezing the trigger as part of the Glock design’s standard takedown process.

The general public shares the common belief that law enforcement officers are highly-trained firearms experts. While there are indeed some incredibly talented shooters in law enforcement, the vast majority of patrol officers and deputies simply aren’t “gun people,” and aren’t typically as skilled as serious concealed carriers.