Yes, They Are Coming For Your Ammunition

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is pushing an anti-ammunition law to punish New Yorkers who rejected the NY SAFE Act.
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is pushing an anti-ammunition law to punish New Yorkers who rejected the NY SAFE Act.

A group of anti-gun Democrats from New York City is attempting to ram through a bill that would severely restrict the amount and kind of ammunition that New Yorkers are allowed to purchase.

Tyranny is clearly a New York state of mind.

The legislation would place a strict limit on the number of bullets a gun owner could purchase over a 90-day time period, and prevent gun dealers from selling ammunition for a firearm to anyone unauthorized to have such a weapon.

“If I have a cold I can’t buy Sudafed without ID, but I can walk into a basic NY gun shop and walk out with enough bullets to arm a small army without showing any kind of ID,” Simon said in a joint release. “I can buy any kind of bullets regardless of what kind of gun I own. I don’t even have to own a gun to stock up on bullets. Nothing stops me from having friends buy even more bullets for me. The sky is the limit. The San Bernardino shooters had 6,000 rounds of ammunition. We need this legislation so that cannot happen here.”

Adams, a former police officer with the NYPD who figured in the passage of the NY Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act, said there was a “a responsibility to put public safety first, in the face of the blood-soaked carnage of mass shootings, made possible by the calculated and unrestricted stockpiling of thousands of deadly ammunition rounds.”

“Limiting the quantity and duration between purchases of ammunition is one step in preventing someone with criminal intent from easily accessing large quantities of ammunition,” Persaud said.

I’m going to be very, very blunt: these legislators simply want to exploit fears of terrorism towards their own long-time goals of gun control.

As a practical matter, soldiers and Marines—who tend to be in much better shape than any terrorist or mass killer we’ve seen—tend to carry a basic combat load of just 196 rounds (7 30-round magazines downloaded to 28 for reliability) for their primary weapon. Military special operations forces and law enforcement SWAT/ERT teams often carry just 112 rounds (4 downloaded 30-round magazines) for their primary weapon because, “ammunition is heavy and speed is life.”

Roxanne Persaud, Jo Anne Simon, and Eric Adams, the anti-liberty Democrats pushing this legislation, want to claim that the San Bernardino shooters “had 6,000 rounds of ammunition.”  They were not honest enough to mention that the majority of that ammunition never left the terrorist’s home. They were not honest enough to mention that the remainder that the terrorists had in their vehicles was still mostly in boxes. They were not honest enough to mention that the two Muslim terrorists fired just over two magazines of ammunition in their initial attack (65-75 bullets). They then expended 76 rounds in a shootout with police in which they were killed.

These terrorists fired a maximum of 151 rounds total.

So why are New York Democrats really going after the ammunition of New Yorkers?

That’s simple:  it’s spiteful political payback because New Yorkers refused to register their guns under the NY SAFE Act, and made an ass out of Adams (who helped shill the SAFE Act) when they refused to register more than 95% of the guns that the law required.

These New York Democrats are pushing these ammunition restrictions to punish New Yorkers who refused to comply with a blatantly unconstitutional infringement on their right to bear arms.

Terrorism is just the excuse for political payback.