Charlotte Mall Evacuated After Officer-Involved Shooting

Northlake Mall in Charlotte, NC, was evacuated today after an off-duty police officer was forced to shoot a suspect who refused to drop his weapon after shooting someone else inside a shoe store.

Officers and paramedics were called to the mall off of W.T. Harris Boulevard in north Charlotte just after 2 p.m. and Channel 9 viewers said they could hear shots being fired inside the mall.

Paramedics said they were treating one person with a leg injury and a woman who went into labor. MEDIC transported one person with minor injuries to Novant Huntersville.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said that an argument inside the mall between two people led to the shooting.

CMPD told Channel 9 that officers who were working off-duty at the mall arrived and shot and killed an armed man.

No officers were injured and police said this was not an active shooter situation.

Channel 9 reporter Jason Stoogenke said he saw more than 30 police cruisers at the mall and more were still arriving.

Three separate witnesses told him that two people were involved in a fight inside a shoe store when one pulled a gun and shot the other.

Witnesses said police confronted the gunman and told him to drop his weapon, and when he did not, officers shot that person.

Various sources have alleged that the dead suspect is (like so many dead criminals) a wannabe rapper, and his friend are already trying to sew the seeds of another “Hands up, don’t shoot lie.” Apparently, we’re supposed to ignore the multiple eyewitnesses who reported seeing  the dead suspect shoot someone, before being shot by police when he wouldn’t drop his gun.

Apparently for these agitators, the “black life that matters” was that of the dead wannabe rapper, not the young man he shot, nor the hundreds of other shoppers he put at risk.

Update: The dead criminal has been identified as Daquan Antonio Westbrook. He shot a 12 year-old last year.