NRA Fights Virginia AG Herring's Partisan Attack On Concealed Carry

Virginia’s Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring is a big fan of Michael Bloomberg’s wallet, raking in a cool $1,292,417 from the tiny totalitarian’s gun control political action committee in his last election. Bloomberg’s gun control group was by far Herring’s largest campaign contributor.  Staying true to the old joke that a good politician is “one that stays bought,” Herring recently revoked concealed carry agreements with 25 states, including all but one of Virginia’s neighbors.


The National Rifle Association, based in Fairfax, Virginia, is not taking the attack on 6 million law-abiding citizens laying down, and is working with the Virginia legislature to strip Herring and any future Virginia Attorney General of the ability to harm concealed carry reciprocity agreements that the commonwealth has made with other states.

Not only is the NRA working to reverse the damage, they’re actively looking to widen Virginia’s recognition to every other state through a model know as “total recognition.”

In response to Attorney General Herring’s action, NRA-ILA is currently working on legislation for the 2016 Virginia session to address the reciprocity issue.  This legislation will require Virginia to recognize valid permits or licenses from every other state.  Due to NRA’s past efforts, 18 states already have such a “total recognition” law.  The Virginia legislation would further require the attorney general to enter into a reciprocity agreement with any state that requires an agreement in order to recognize Virginia concealed handgun permits.  As the legislative session begins to unfold, we expect additional legislation to be filed in response to the Attorney General’s actions as well as the Governor’s previous Executive Order 50; however, we will continue to work with pro-Second Amendment legislators on viable solutions to solve the problems that this administration has caused.


The Virginia legislature should have little difficulty crafting a bill that will pass, but the trick is going to be putting the legislation into a vehicle that anti-gun gun carpetbagging governor and Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe can’t veto.

After all, McAuliffe raked in a cool $1,748,861 from Bloomberg’s PAC, and he intends to “stay bought,” too.

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