Martin O' Malley's Gun-Control-Obsessed Campaign Is Pathetically Dying

It’s easy to mock Martin O’Malley.

His campaign of “I helped make Baltimore what it is today” would probably resonate more if “Charm City” hadn’t been exposed as a racist hellhole which is currently setting new all-time high for murders.


And it would probably help if he could get people to turn up at his campaign rallies.”Kenneth” was the only guy who showed up at O’Malley’s last campaign stop. Even after one-on-one attention, Kenneth left uncommitted.

Indeed, people around the nation really don’t really have any reason to commit to a candidate who has the distinguishing characteristics of being the slightly younger radical progressive than Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, with the even-more-extreme views on dismantling the Second Amendment.

We cant [sic] just sit by and wait for another tragedy to happen again. We need comprehensive gun safety laws to save lives.

That tweet, lifted from from front page of O’Malley’s campaign site, summarizes the focus of his dying campaign. His gun control-obsessed platform would gut the Second Amendment as we know it, turning it from a natural right into a begrudging lip-service allowance of some unoffensive sporting guns, in a mockery of the Founders’ intent.

In a three candidate-race, O’Malley can’t get out of single-digits in any poll.


I suspect that his poor performance has a lot to do with the fact that Americans do not believe the line being pushed by all three radical progressive candidates that the Democrats are running in 2016 that “guns are bad,” and O’Malley has said nothing at all beyond that to otherwise substantially differentiate himself from Granny Establishment Corruption (Clinton) and Crazy Socialist Uncle Bernie (Sanders).


That’s a bad place to be in when Americans are already convincingly “voting with their wallets” on guns.

Firearm sales have reached record levels, with 100+ million guns sold during the Obama Presidency so far; 1/3 of the estimated total of guns owned by Americans. This leap in gun ownership is occurring at the same time that the per-capita murder rate in the United States has reached the lowest point in recorded history.

O’Malley unwisely staked out his place as the most fervently restrictive on gun control. It has not just failed to garner him support among his fellow radical progressives, but has alienated him from both moderate “Reagan Democrats” and Independents that Democrats need to win national elections. He’s soon going to be forced to withdraw from the race, as the first clearly failed “gun control candidate”on the national stage.

Front-runner Hillary Clinton and amusing sideshow Bernie Sanders should learn from O’Malley’s gun control flameout, but we’re betting that they won’t.

2016 is still shaping up to be the nation’s first Presidential election decided on the issue of gun control… and gun rights supporters couldn’t be happier.

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