After Serially Lying About Guns All Week, Obama Dares Challenge NRA's "Conspiracy"

Barack Obama lied when he claimed that he and Attorney General Loretta Lynch have the authority to unilaterally change the number of guns someone must sell to be considered a gun dealer down to just “one or two.” Barack Obama lied when he claimed that you could do Internet sales and sales at a gun show without background checks. He lied when he said it was the industry (not customers) who were opposed to the immature technology of so-called “smart guns.” All of Obama’s lies about executive orders have already been discussed here.


So it’s hardly surprising that the failed lame duck President lied about the NRA and misrepresented his views in front of a hand-picked, invitation-only audience on CNN last night with planted questions falsely billed as a townhall.

President Barack Obama mocked conspiracy theorists and tore into the National Rifle Association for pushing “imaginary fiction,” as he described his plans to tighten gun control rules as modest first steps toward tackling gun violence in America.

In a prime-time, televised town hall meeting Thursday, Obama fielded tough questions from high-profile gun control opponents and supporters alike, often answering with sympathy and without confrontation as he tried to reassure Americans there is a middle ground on a fiercely divisive issue.

But Obama didn’t hold back when asked by CNN moderator Anderson Cooper about the notion that the federal government — and Obama in particular — wants to seize all firearms as a precursor to imposing martial law. He blamed that notion on the NRA and like-minded groups that convince its members that “somebody’s going to come grab your guns.”

“Yes, that is a conspiracy,”Obama said. “I’m only going to be here for another year. When would I have started on this enterprise?”Obama defended his support for the constitutional right to gun ownership while arguing it was consistent with his efforts to curb mass shootings. He said the NRA refused to acknowledge the government’s responsibility to make legal products safer, citing seatbelts and child-proof medicine bottles as examples.


Operation Fast and Furious, launched just after Obama took office, is now a “conspiracy theory.” Obama’s lie dating to 2009 that 90-percent of the guns used in Mexican drug crime came from the U.S. is now “imaginary fiction.”

Obama’s lies about being a moderate on guns until he was term-limited as President before suddenly developing a desire to ban entire classes of firearms, orchestrating attempts to ban certain ammunition as armor piercing, and his EPA attempting to ban lead ammunition are all just “imaginary.”


Obama has made it very clear time and time again that he is a champion of “Australian-style” gun control, where citizens were forced to give up common firearms (a Democrat bill in the House right now, H.R. 4269 called for a wide range of guns to be turned over to the government within a generation). Obama has consistently focused on restricting the guns that are simultaneously those least used in crime and most useful for defending liberty against tyranny.

It’s not a “conspiracy” when the NRA and other guns rights groups point out your lies, Mr. President. That’s called telling the truth.


You should try it some time.

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