Bitter Obama Uncharacteristically Silent About Guns In Final SOTU

President Barack Obama has spent a considerable amount of his second term in office whining, threatening, and bitterly criticizing the American people and their dogged insistence on keeping and practicing their right to bear arms.


Just last week he held two major press conferences—including a CNN “Guns In America” special—in an attempt to build support for his anti-gun agenda.

So it was rather stunning that in his final State of the Union address, the President mentioned firearms once, and only in passing, a fact that Democrat-cheerleading site Politico even felt compelled to comment upon.

President Barack Obama devoted all of last week to his push for gun control. In his final State of the Union address, he gave it one sentence fragment.

“Protecting our kids from gun violence,” Obama said, as he ticked off a handful of agenda items he wants to work on in his last year in office, without going into more detail.

That was a sharp contrast to the first work week of January, when virtually every day, the president found a new way to promote his relatively modest executive actions to expand background checks for gun sales and his pledge not to endorse Democrats who don’t support his gun agenda.

I think my colleague Ed Morrissey of Hot Air was probably on the money as he deconstructed Obama’s sudden climb-down on the issue.

That’s it — that was the only mention of guns in the entire speech. Obama made no mention of crime at all. He only made one mention of “murder,” and that was in reference to Pope Francis and his remarks to Congress about terrorism. In fact, Obama didn’t even point out the empty chair next to the First Lady.

Given that Obama has made this so much of an issue that just last week he partnered with CNN on a rare non-campaign town hall to focus just on the topic of gun control, it represents an amazing climb-down. After all, a SOTU offers presidents the opportunity to make pretty much any claim they want with no opportunity for timely rebuttals, so it’s practically designed for the kind of demagoguery Obama routinely deploys on this subject. Did that town hall, where several people defended gun rights and seeming put Obama on the defensive, convince Obama that his demagoguery simply isn’t working in this debate? Or did other Democrats make it clear that they aren’t interested in refighting the gun-control battle that seriously handicapped them in the late 1990s and early 2000s?


Last week, President Obama warned his fellow Democrats that if they didn’t come around to his way of thinking on gun control, that he wouldn’t campaign for them this year.

It seems rather obvious to me that these same Democrats candidates looked at the massive surge in gun ownership, the rapid spread of “Gun Culture 2.0” into the traditionally Democrat base of young, urban , and female voters, and simply told the President, “We’re fine with that. Enjoy your last days in office.”

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