Daniel Defense Partners with Ballistic Radio

I hate dropping press releases and running, but I’ve got a bus to catch to go hang out with these fine people (and burn up ammunition that they’re paying for).

Daniel Defense Teams with Ballistic Radio for 2016

Black Creek, GA- January 18, 2016. Daniel Defense—engineer and manufacturer of the world’s finest firearms, precision rail systems, and accessories—is proud to announce a partnership with Ballistic Radio—One of the industry-leading resources available to the legally armed citizen interested in self-defense preparation and information.

In addition to sponsoring Ballistic Radio’s 4th season in national syndication on terrestrial radio, Daniel Defense will be working closely with Ballistic Radio’s new training arm, Citizens’ Defense Research, to develop new products, tactics, and applications centered around civilian context self-defense both in and outside the home.

“I was thrilled when Daniel Defense approached us.” said Ballistic Radio host and owner John Johnston. “I think having a company of their pedigree focusing so much of their efforts on the civilian market, in such a way, speaks volumes to their dedication to sustaining and growing the pro-2A community. I’m excited for the projects we have upcoming this year, and very much looking forward to changing the way people view the role of the long-gun in a self-defense/concealed-carry context.”

The 4th season of Ballistic Radio will begin March 2016. The show features interviews with armed professionals, industry experts, and gunfight survivors discussing the information needed to avoid/win a violent encounter, as well as your rights and responsibilities as an armed citizen. Shows are broadcast live at 7:00 PM EST on iHeart Radio (55KRC), and are also available for download via iTunes, and the Ballistic Radio webpage.

For the tl;dr (too long, didn’t read) crowd, this is kind of a big deal because CDR is going to be focused on practical self-defense with long guns and handguns in ways that many training schools haven’t discussed. Daniel Defense is a brilliant match for Ballistic Radio/Citizens’ Defense Research in this regard.

Would love to chat more, but I’ve got a range date.