FBI Won't Call Islamic Terror Attack An "Islamic Terror Attack"

23-year-old  Samy Mohamed Hamzeh wanted to carry out a terrorist attack against a Masonic temple in Milwaukee, with the goal of the attack being described by Hamzeh as “defending Muslim religion.” He also hoped it would trigger copycat terrorist attacks by other Islamic terrorist sympathizers.


Stunningly, the FBI has arrested him on gun charges only, and has not charged his with terrorism in what appears to be a politically-motivated half-prosecution:

A terrorist-style plot intended to kill dozens of people with automatic weapons at a Masonic center in Milwaukee was foiled this week by FBI agents, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.

Samy Mohamed Hamzeh discussed his plan to attack the center with two others, detailing how they would quickly and quietly kill the first people they saw and then methodically move through the building, “eliminating everyone” they encountered, according to a federal criminal complaint.

Hamzeh, 23, has been charged with possessing a machine gun and a silencer. Despite indications of an attempted act of terrorism, Hamzeh is not charged with any terrorism counts.

“We are Muslims, defending Muslim religion, we are on our own, my dear, we have organized our own group,” Hamzeh said, according to the criminal complaint, adding he was confident it would trigger more attacks in the United States.

“Such operations will increase in America, when they hear about it. The people will be scared and the operations will increase, and there will be problems all over,… this will lead to people clashing with each other. This way we will be igniting it. I mean we are marching at the front of the war,” he said, according to the complaint.

Acting U.S. Attorney Gregory J. Haanstad called it a “detailed plan to commit a mass shooting intended to kill dozens of people.”

“(Hamzeh) also said that he wanted this mass shooting to be ‘known the world over’ and to ‘ignite’ broader clashes. It is difficult to calculate the injury and loss of life that was prevented by concerned citizens coming forward and by the tireless efforts of the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force.”


The “two others” cited in the article were FBI informants who presumably documented an iron-clad case before the FBI took Hamzeh into custody.

It is possible that the U.S. attorney will fill terrorism-related charges at a later time, but this story seems to be yet another attempt by the Obama Justice Department to minimize the threat of Islamic extremism, even as the President imports mostly military-aged male Syrian refugees into the United States by the thousands.

“These 30 will terrify the world”

Hamzeh’s foiled plot was as laughably naive as it was terrifyingly evil. The movie-educated Hamzeh was convinced that he could obtained silenced machine guns, lockdown the Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center in downtown Milwaukee, murder the receptionist, then kill their way through the building without being heard. They would then leave the building, hopefully leaving behind 30 dead and their weapons and simply disappear without a trace.

* * *

Like most terrorists, Samy Mohamed Hamzeh has very little known firearms training. He’s never fired a machine gun in his life, nor does it appear he’s ever fired a rifle. His only documented experience with a firearm is a range trip he took with the FBI informants that set him up for his arrest.

Someone with quality defensive handgun training and a concealed carry permit would be a match against a pathetic wannabe jihadi like Hamzeh, or those who attacked the cartoon contest in Garland, or the husband and wife terror team who carried out the attacks in San Bernardino.


Being armed and well trained gives good guys a chance to fight evil, instead of just being victims.

Get armed. Get trained. Defend your lives and your culture against those who would destroy it.

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