Is The Kalashnikov USA "Alfa" A Real Gun, Or Vaporware?

The Kalashnikov USA "Alpha" was under glass and out of reach at SHOT Show.

One of the most interesting-looking new guns at SHOT Show last week was a rifle no one could touch, the Kalashnikov USA “Alfa.”

Locked in a glass display case were three differently colored versions of the rifle, which seemed to be a mashup of AK and SCAR parts put together by a Hollywood prop-house. I listened to the Kalashnikov USA reps studiously not say anything of note about the capabilities of the rifle as he talked to another gun scribe, and quickly lost hope that this was anything other than a “show gun” designed to generate buzz for the company.


Matt from Full 30 blog seems to have come to the same conclusion.

The reps simply didn’t know their product, probably because the product isn’t real at this time. Will it ever be? That’s the $64,000 question.

While is isn’t as futuristic as the Alfa, the M+M 10X Elite AK-hybrid already exists and provides the majority of the functionality (minus the ergonomics of the SCAR-type stock). If you’re looking for a monolithic upper in an AK-hybrid, maybe that is where you should be looking… at least for now.

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