THANKS, JOE: Georgia Man follows Biden's Shotgun Advice, Gets Arrested

In February of 2013, Vice President Joe Biden infamously told a woman named Kate to fire “two blasts” from a 12-gauge shotgun to scare away intruders.


A 29-year-old man in Dalton, Georgia Christopher Isaiah Cloer, applied the Vice President’s advice, and is now facing charges of aggravated assault.

A Dalton man told investigators he was just trying to protect a family member from a stalker when he fired a shotgun blast into the air and then another at the ground near the tailgate of a pickup truck. The man who was the target of the warning shots said he was just trying to go see his girlfriend.

Christopher Isaiah Cloer, 29, of 209 Trade Way, was arrested on Monday and charged with aggravated assault for firing the shots.

According to a report filed with the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office, the incident occurred early in the morning of Jan. 9.

It started with a man and his buddy coming back from a bar in Chattanooga in the buddy’s pickup truck. The passenger was texting a woman he told deputies was his girlfriend. The female texted her address to the man and told him to come on over. But as they were driving to the address, the passenger called the woman’s phone and a male answered. The men argued, and the man who answered the phone told them not to come to the girl’s house and hung up.

The passenger then got a text from the woman’s phone saying to not come to the house followed by an expletive-filled, threatening text basically telling him to stay away. The passenger told a sheriff’s deputy he thought the guy had taken his girlfriend as a hostage.

When the cops asked the man why he continued to the address after being told not to go there, he said he didn’t think anyone would be hostile when he got there…


So, Cletus and Bubba show up where they aren’t wanted after being told to stay away and no uncertain terms, and Mr. Cloer roughly follows Vice Presidents televised advise to fire “two blasts.”

Unfortunately for Mr. Cloer, the Vice President’s advice is likely to end up in assault charges in the vast majority of these United States, as firing a shotgun or any other firearm—even as an alleged warning—is the unwarranted discharge of deadly weapon.

Be smart.

Don’t be a Biden.

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