What If Gunsite Came To You? Indiana Carbine Course

So when I wrote about the Defense Against Street Crimes course I’ll be taking (along with at least two Bearing Arms readers) at Gunsite Academy in early March, another reader lamented that Paulden, Arizona is a looooooong way away for many people.


So I bought a map.

He’s right.

Fortunately, Gunsite also offers “Offsite” classes, and there is a class coming up that might be appealing for Bearing Arms readers for two reasons.

The first is that the location of this particular class is a heck of a lot more accessible for people in the Midwest and East Coast than is the high desert of the Southwest, so the travel costs are cheaper.

The second is that Gunsite is offering a $300 tuition discount if you mention that you heard about the class through Bearing Arms.

The Indiana “123” Three-day Carbine course will be held  Boone County Sheriff’s Range in Lebanon Indiana on April 15th-17th.

Lebanon is 20 miles NW of Indianapolis on I-65, close enough to give Mom’s Demand Action founder Shannon Watts (who lives nearby) ulcers. This is a feature, not a bug.

So here’s what you need to know.

Indiana 123 Three Day Carbine

The “123” Three Day  Carbine class is a three-day introduction to shooters using platforms such as the AR-15, Mini 14, SCAR Light, AK, and similar carbines.

In this class you will learn proper zeroing and sighting for your choice of sights and optics. All manipulations will be thoroughly taught as they apply to your weapon system.  You will fire from a variety of conventional and unconventional shooting positions. Our instructors will show you how to get into and recover from sitting, kneeling and prone variations.   This course also includes introduction to low light and no light shooting techniques.


The course description page at Gunsite has the rest of the information you need to know about this April 15th-17th class, but here’s the key part.

gunsite application
The online application for Gunsite’s April 15th-17th Indiana 123 Three Day Carbine course includes a space for how you heard about Gunsite. Simply put “From Bearing Arms” and save yourself $300 off the class!

When you’re filling out the online course application, tell them that you heard about the class from Bearing Arms and they’ll knock $300 off the cost. You’ll get a $1,090 class for $790, and if you’re in driving distance, will save a bunch more in travel costs.


We’re a big proponent of getting many people as “well-regulated” (well-armed and trained) as possible.

If you have a carbine, the time, and the date free, we’d like to suggest that this is an excellent opportunity to increase your skills.

Go get trained!

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