Washington Post Uses Debunked Propaganda Site To Push Gun Control Lies... Again

Christopher Ingraham of the Washington Post is using a self-described anti-gun propaganda web site to lie about the number of mass shootings that have occurred in the United States this year.

On Saturday night, a 45-year-old man shot and killed six people and injured two others in and around Kalamazoo, Mich., authorities say. According to the crowd-sourced Mass Shooting Tracker, that act was the 24th mass shooting in the United States during the first 21 days of February and the 42nd mass shooting overall in 2016.

As we’ve documented in great detail previously, the founder of the Mass Shooting Tracker is a UC-Berkeley graduate who self-describes himself as an anti-gun propagandist.

Hey everyone, glad to be on board! If any of you know me its probably from/r/GunsAreCool, a sub that mocks the absurdity of American gun culture. I’ve helped mod there for a couple years now, I’m the one who owns our website www.shootingtracker.com a nice bit of work we’ve been able to get used on-air on MSNBC and CNN, in print at Mother Jones and Reuters, and cited in peer reviewed academic journals like the American Journal of Public Health among other places. I’m fairly heavily involved in politics, most recently being brought in to work with Everytown in the last election here in Oregon, helping Chuck Riley topple an incumbent in SD-15 for the express purpose of getting a stalled Universal Background Check bill on to the governor’s desk, a bill that was signed into law last week.

My fascination with propaganda began some years ago when I was studying journalism at Berkeley (fight on you Bears!) and continues unabated. The way it distills a message down to its basest form, and focuses its all on getting that message across and grabbing attention is what draws me in so much.

The long-accepted definition of a mass shooting is a single event in which four or more people are killed, excluding gang-related activity, familicide, or terrorist attacks. By that criteria, the Kalamazoo shootings may be the first mass shooting of 2016.

Mass Shooting Tracker arbitrarily redefined that definition in order to grossly and artificially inflate the number of mass shootings to an absurd degree, a blatantly dishonest strategy that angered gun control supporter Mark Folman of Mother Jones.

Christopher Ingraham is intentionally misleading the readers of the Washington Post.

Whether they’ll be angry enough about his blatant and intentional deception remains to be seen.