Behind A Phalanx of Armed Security At Oscars, Hollywood Pimps Gun Control

Hollywood, you never fail to stun me with your hypocrisy.

Hollywood A-listers will be supporting more than their favorite films on Sunday at the Academy Awards.

Patricia Arquette, Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston and others will add a specific piece of jewelry to their wardrobes for the night, as they promote a campaign against gun violence in the United States.

“This awards season, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is teaming up with Hollywood to lift up the stories of the 90 Americans killed every day by gun violence,” a press release from the campaign states. “On the red carpet, high-profile celebrities … will join the effort to shed light on the human cost of gun violence by wearing unique, hand-crafted bracelets that commemorate Americans killed or injured by gun violence.”


You know where I last saw Bryan Cranston?

Walking “restaurant row” in the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas… during SHOT Show.

He’s also happy to point them at people, if he’s getting paid to celebrate violence and drug dealing on TV.


I wouldn’t know Patricia Arquette from Caitlyn Jenner, but according to IMDB, she’s more than happy to point guns at people for money…


…as is Steve Carell.


As is fitting for these Hollywood hypocrites who glorify gratuitous violence for pay, they’ll be surrounded by dramatically increased armed security rivaling that of a military state.

This year’s Oscar show will be the first since the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino and Paris which, all told, took the lives of 144 people and injured 390. Law enforcement says there is “no specific information relative to threats” to this year’s Academy Awards, which is good news. Still, Sunday’s Oscars at the Dolby Theatre in the heart of Hollywood not only will be swarming with hundreds of law enforcement officers, but there also will be SWAT team members with bulletproof vests and tactical gear, bomb-sniffing dogs and sophisticated surveillance equipment (both overt and covert). There will be metal detectors, and every car entering into the Hollywood & Highland parking facility will be swept.


I guess guns are okay if they can help these phonies buy another jet, or protect their precious little botoxed faces and plastic bodies. Guns are just bad for real Americans.

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