We Are NOT All The Parents of Thugs

Professional public relations executive Shannon Watts has long been reviled as one of the most dishonest people in the gun control movement in the United States, but now Moms Demand Action has hit a new low, attempting to portray the drug abuser, illegal gun trafficker, and violent criminal Trayvon Martin as a victim instead of a predator.



Moms Demand rewrites Martin’s ambush and attempted murder of George Zimmerman into something truly unrecognizable.

Four years ago today, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was walking home from buying candy at a convenience store when he was shot to death by an armed vigilante. His killer was exonerated by Florida’s Stand-Your-Ground law, which promotes a “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality.

Today, let’s honor Trayvon’s life by pledging to#StandOurGround against bad gun laws that threaten our children, families and communities.

I covered every single minute of the Zimmerman trial, and this account from Moms Demand is both entirely fictional and intentionally dishonest.

George Zimmerman was on the way to the store that rainy night when he noticed a figure lurking near a home that had previously been burglarized. Zimmerman called 9-1-1 to have Sanford police come and investigate what he reasonably interpreted as suspicious behavior.

Martin noticed he was being followed by Zimmerman’s truck and fled. Being young and in shape, he easily lost Zimmerman as he ran between buildings. Martin could have easily made it to this father’s home if he thought he was being threatened. But Trayvon Martin didn’t go home. He instead hid somewhere in the dark.

Zimmerman parked his vehicle and ran in a vain attempt to keep Martin in sight for responding police, but quickly lost him. The dispatcher told Zimmerman “we don’t need you to do that,” by which point Zimmerman had already lost Martin. Zimmerman continued to walk to the next cross street to get a street address for responding police so they would know the last place he saw Martin.  Then Zimmerman started walking back to his truck.


Travyon Martin could have gone home… but he didn’t.

Instead, he came up behind Zimmerman and exclaimed, “What you followin’ me fo?”

Martin then sucker-punched Zimmerman, mounted him, and attempted to beat Zimmerman to death, refusing to stop as Zimmerman cried for help, and continued he felony assault after a resident came out and yelled at Martin to stop his attack, and said that police were on the way.

It was only well into the attack, as Trayvon Martin attempted to murder George Zimmerman by smashing his head on the concrete sidewalk, and after apartment residents refused to come to Zimmerman’s aid, that the desperate man drew his pistol and fired a single shot to defend his life.

A use-of-force expert testified during Zimmerman’s trial that he was amazed Zimmerman waited as long as he did to shoot Martin, and said that Zimmerman was legally justified in shooting Martin much earlier in the attack.

Furhter, “stand your ground” laws played no part in Trayvon Martin’s death, which is a legal fact that cannot be disputed.

Stand your ground laws were not brought up by the prosecution, nor by the defense during the trial.

Not. Even. Once.

Zimmerman’s case was straight-up standard self-defense.

Let’s make this clear: Trayvon Martin was never a victim. He was an aggressive and violent drug-abusing predator.

Martin was a suspected burglar who trafficked in illegally-acquired guns, like the one in the photo below pulled from his phone after his death.

A photo of the illegally acquired Smith & Wesson Sigma, one of three handguns Trayvon Martin was allegedly trying to deal just weeks before his death. Image from his cell phone.
A photo of an illegally acquired Smith & Wesson Sigma, one of three handguns Trayvon Martin was allegedly trying to deal just weeks before his death. Image from his cell phone.

Trayvon Martin was a predator, fortunately removed from this world before he succeeded in his attempt to murder George Zimmerman, and before he was able to supply more illegal guns to other criminals.

Moms Demand Action is deplorable in their attempt to attempt to portray this attempted murderer as a victim, and reprehensible for still attempting to use this to attack “stand your ground” laws when Zimmerman’s case of self-defense was in no way a “stand your ground” case.

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