Trump No Long Supports Ban On Assault Weapons... For Now

During the Republican primary debate last night, Donald Trump was hit repeatedly for flip-flopping his positions, sometimes within 24 hours.

Politico notes that one of those “flips” was reversing position on his prior support for banning the civilian ownership of common semi-automatic rifles and pistols that Trump and his fellow Democrats have long demonized as “assault weapons.”

Donald Trump on Thursday night said he no longer supports a ban on assault weapons, another in a series of policy reversals during the Republican debate.

Stressing that he is a strong defender of the Second Amendment, Trump commented that past shooting incidents could have been prevented or lessened in impact if more people could carry weapons.

“But in 2000, you wrote in your book, ‘I generally oppose gun control but I support the ban on assault weapons,'” moderator Bret Baier queried.

“I don’t support it anymore. I do not support the ban on assault [weapons],” Trump affirmed.

It is our deep concern that if he is elected President, and there is a major terrorist attack or another horrible school shooting like Sandy Hook or Virginia Tech, that Trump will once again “flop” back to his prior support for gun bans and background checks.

Trump is notorious for playing both sides against the middle for his own personal interests, and he simply is not a trustworthy defender of the right to bear arms, outside for his own selfish interest for personal protection.